Using Google to Go Global

Claim Your Online Space Before Your Competitors Do

One of the first articles I wrote was “How to Start An Import/Export Business” (there are two parts, so be sure to read them both). In that feature, I discussed finding customers. This article drills down even further on helping customers the world over find you by using Google AdWords.

Let’s re-examine an excerpt from How to Start An Import/Export Business, where I stated:

“Provided you have done a good job with search engine optimization on your blog or website, customers will find you.

But don’t rely on it. You should also go hunting for customers! At the same time, work your social media and networking platforms (your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) by posting information about your product or service and asking specific questions about your audience's needs. This gets the conversation going and keeps it going while making sure it's related to your business. The point is to keep your business on the minds of potential customers worldwide.”

Provided you have completed the above on your social media and networking platforms, your next step is to use Google AdWords, where you can:

  • Find the right market for your products and services.
  • Translate your websites and ad text.
  • Reach new customers with relevant online ads.
  • Understand options for international payment, shipping and customer service.

How Google AdWords Works

To find the right market for your products and services, start with Google Market Finder, (available in 43 different languages) where you have the ability to tap more than 1.9 billion customers worldwide (

It will allow you to:

  • Translate keywords into your customer’s language.
  • See where customers are searching for your product–whether from China, Costa Rica or Chicago!
  • Make the most out of your advertising budget by comparing cost estimates across languages and geographic locations.

To translate your documents faster, work with Google Translator Toolkit (

Here’s what you can do with the Google Translator Toolkit:

  • Upload and translate documents from your desktop or the Web.
  • Download and publish translations.
  • Chat and share translations online.
  • Collaborate online with other translators.

After putting Google Adwords into place, let’s hope customers are breaking down your online door. Google also provides additional resources and tips to help you meet international trade requirements on everything from collecting payment to logistical issues and legal (including insurance) matters (

One of Google’s big claim to fame is collecting money online, which is channeled through Google Checkout (–allowing U.S. and UK companies to establish a purchasing platform for buyers spanning 200 countries and territories. PayPal ( is effective too. It has more than 150 million accounts worldwide and customers across 190 countries. PayPal can handle 17 different currencies.

Stuck on Google Adwords? Get Unstuck

Tap into Google’s network of experts to reach the global audience that matters most to you. Its Premier SME Partners ( provide valuable services, such as in-depth AdWords expertise, campaign management, detailed reporting, customer support and more.

Need Motivation? Proof that Google AdWords Works

Google’s Train and Gain Challenge ( is a global competition among Adwords’ SME advertisers to learn new tips and tools for improving their online advertising campaigns.

Find out how two Australian companies, an online temporary tattoo parlor and a specialist bead shop, were named among the top 15 businesses in an international Google AdWords competition.

Whether you run a one-woman import shop or a 10,000-employee export operation, Google will help you sell more to the world.

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