Using a Music Background for Real Estate Videos

Done Properly, Music Can Improve The Viewer's Experience

Couple using laptop in living room
David Lees / Getty Images

With more real estate professionals using video to showcase their listings or for local information videos, there is a very wide range in the quality of the video out there. In moving around, and checking out real estate video, I find some really unappealing home tours. If the video isn't done well, you're not doing yourself, the property, or your sales efforts any favors. In fact, a poor video may be seen as a negative by prospective buyers.

If you don't have the patience or motivation to produce a video and do it well, perhaps a brochure or web page will be more effective.

Video You Can Do Yourself

Though some would disagree, I do not believe that we must produce Hollywood quality video. Nor do I believe that it is necessary to hire anyone. The state of technology makes it easy to produce a very acceptable video of a home tour. You can either use still photos and Windows Movie Maker, or you can use a camera like The Flip and do moving video. Either way, a nice tour can be produced. I prefer stills for home tours, using a high-end Canon digital and wide angle lens. However, for local color and nature, I like The Flip.

Voice or Music

This is about background music to improve the viewer's experience. In either case, some videos do not need any voice on the soundtrack. That's particularly true if you have a Texas accent like mine.

I prefer to do text cues of the home's features, rather than talking. In this case, and in the case of nature or outdoor videos, I like a subtle music track at low volume.

Look for music that is simple, engaging, sets a warm relaxed tone and engages the listener. I think instrumentals work better. You don't need easily recognizable artists  or popular tunes.

You don't necessarily want the viewer to be singing or humming along. In fact, I find that vocals shift the viewers attention from the real estate to the music. We want to create a mood that personalizes the property and engages the viewer. 

Royalty-Free Music

Wanting to be legal, I found several online sources to purchase royalty free music. What does royalty free mean? The music is not free, but to use it after you've purchased it, you do not need to pay any royalties to the artist. So, you buy it once, and you can use it over and over in your videos and on your websites and blogs.

The one I like the best is It allows me to download a single song or an album, and the downloads are easy to accomplish in .wav or .mp3 formats. I can then just drag that music track into a video in The Flip software or in Windows Movie Maker. At around $1 per minute or less for the music, it is an affordable solution for real estate video music.