Useful Resources for Second-Hand Shoppers

Want to be that second-hand shopper that gets all the deals? Then, put these resources to work for you:

Check for Recalls

Before you purchase a used toy, electronic device, or piece of baby equipment, plug the product name into the mobile app to see if there are any recalls that you need to know about. It's a free download for Android users.

Figure Out What It's Worth

Want to know what something is worth before you buy it? Download Ebay Mobile, and use it to gauge the value of an item.

Interested in buying books to resell? Grab the Bookscouter mobile app (free). Then, snap a pic of the barcode to find out what a book is worth.

Find the User's Manual

Don't let a missing user's manual stop you from buying something that you really want. You can usually download a free copy online.

Find Replacement Parts

If you find a killer deal on something that you've been looking for, but it's missing a piece or has a broken part, do a quick search to see how much it would cost to order a replacement part. sells parts for thousands of power tools, appliances, vacuums, grills and lawn equipment, so it's a good place to start.

Locate More Thrift Stores

Headed out of town? Before you go, take a minute to print out a list of all the thrift stores in your destination city. is a site that lets you look up store locations by zip code or city.