How to Use Up Heavy Cream

Clever and Yummy Uses for Heavy Cream

Heavy Cream. Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Don't let that leftover heavy cream go to waste. Here are a bunch of ways to use it up:

Make Sour Cream

Real sour cream tastes so much better than that fake stuff they try to pass off as sour cream at the grocery store. Just mix your leftover heavy cream with one other ingredient, and you'll be on your way to your first batch. Here's how to make sour cream.

Make Butter

Use the last of your heavy cream to make homemade butter.

Make a small batch by shaking cream in a jar; or make a big batch by whipping the cream in a mixer or blender, until all the buttermilk separates out. This is a really fun project to do with kids. Here's how to make butter.

Make Whipped Cream

Turn your leftover heavy cream into an excuse for a treat. Make homemade whipped cream. Then, use it to top pancakes, pie, ice cream sundaes or coffee. Here's how to make whipped cream.

Make Ice Cream

Throw your heavy cream into an ice cream maker, and enjoy a batch of homemade ice cream. If you don't have an ice cream maker, you can make ice cream in the blender, or with no special equipment at all. Just do a quick web search, and you'll turn up all sorts of recipes.

Make a Good Pasta Sauce Even Better

A little cream makes just about any pasta dish better. Add it to a tomato-based sauce, or use it to make Alfredo. 

Try It in Soup

Add a bit of heavy cream to soups to make them creamier, or try some of the cream-based soups such as "cream of" mushroom, broccoli, potato, leek, and more.

To prevent curdling, add the cream at the end of the cook time.

Upgrade Your Scrambled Eggs

Just add a splash to improve the flavor and texture of your eggs. It's an easy way to turn an everyday dish into something special.

Make Cheese

Ricotta, crease cheese, and many other cheeses are easy to make at home.

How to Keep Heavy Cream Fresh

Heavy cream actually has a really long fridge life. If one of these recipes looks good, but you don't want to make it right away, just tuck your cream in the back of the fridge (where it's coldest and the least likely to get knocked over), and use it later.

How Long is Heavy Cream Good For

Freeze Your Heavy Cream

If you're short on time, you can also freeze heavy cream. Here's how to freeze it, so it'll be easy to use in recipes later. Frozen cream will still whip and do all the things you need it to.

If You Always Seem to Have Heavy Cream to Use Up

Consider switching to powdered heavy cream. You can keep it in your pantry, and mix it up whenever you need it, and in whatever quantity you need, thereby eliminating all future leftovers.

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