Use Review

A Full Review of Use, a Free Online Image Hosting Service

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Use is an awesome free image hosting service because you aren't restricted as to how many files you can store, nor are your images rejected if they're too large.

I don't much like the way the website operates in terms of managing and uploading your photos, but it's nearly perfect in terms of features.

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  • No storage limitation
  • No bandwidth limitation
  • No file size limitation
  • No registration required
  • Pictures can be made public or private
  • Can build photo albums
  • A photo editor and image resizer are built-in
  • A bulk image uploader lets you upload lots of photos at once
  • Pictures can be uploaded by their URL
  • Social sharing buttons are available


  • Direct links are not given out*
  • Website isn't as easy to use as similar image hosting services

*Note: While it's true that direct links aren't easily given out for hotlinking, you can still right-click any photo and copy the image URL to produce the direct link.

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More About Use

  • A personal profile at Use provides an easy way to let anyone see your public photos
  • Other users can comment on your images, or you can disable commenting for any of your pictures
  • All your publicly uploaded pictures will appear in the Most Recent gallery at Use
  • Use has a setting that lets you automatically post your uploads to Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr
  • To create a photo album with Use, choose to upload images as a Photo Set
  • Bulk Image Uploader lets you send up to 100 images to Use at once
  • Thousands of templates are available so you can quickly make a unique photo with different pre-built designs
  • There's a number of social share buttons alongside every picture you upload to Use, such as a Facebook, Reddit, Email, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter button
  • Videos can also be uploaded to Use, not just photos

My Thoughts on Use

Use is absolutely amazing to use as a free image hosting service, letting you store any number of photos of any file size without restricting bandwidth usage. There really isn't much else you can want from a website that stores your photos aside from features, which Use isn't weak on.

A problem I have with Use is how it handles some photos. For example, I can upload a PNG file that has a transparent background, but once added to Use, the file is converted to JPG and loses its transparency.

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