US Insurance Online: Insurance Website Review

Website Overview

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US Insurance Online is a relatively new player on the block when it comes to insurance websites. The company was founded in 2005 and is based in Austin, Texas. Key people within the organization include CEO Bill Daniel and Erik Josowitz, Vice President of Marketing. The company is not an online insurance agency, like some other insurance website such as IntelliQuote, but is rather a free referral service to match insurance shoppers with local agencies where they can purchase a policy. You should note that US Insurance Online does not have direct partnerships with insurance companies but with independent insurance agencies.

US Insurance Online is owned by, also based out of Austin, Texas. All Web Leads works in the US insurance marketplace connecting agents, brokers and carriers with consumers who are looking for insurance coverage. All Web Leads also owns the 2Insure4Less insurance comparison website. All Web Leads purchased in 2011 adding to its customer base. The CEO, Bill Daniel estimated an increase in annual revenue to over $100 million with this acquisition. The website’s growth has been impressive for a new site with a 34% growth in traffic and over 29,000 daily views.

The load time for pages on the website is less than 1 second, faster than that of many other sites. Safe browsing for the website has been verified by Google Safe Browsing.

How it Works

At Us Insurance Online you can shop for insurance for auto, health, home, life and annuities. Don’t expect to get your quote on the website. Instead, you will be receiving quote information from local agents that the system matches you with either through email or over the phone. There is no indication on the website of how many insurance agents will receive your information and contact you regarding an insurance quote.

The process begins by completing a form with your personal information. The form should only take a few minutes to complete. Based on the information you enter, you will be matched with local insurance agents. If you don’t have time to do the legwork of comparison shopping with different local agents, this could save you some time. It is a little unclear, based on the company’s privacy policy, whether or not it sells your personal information. While it says you may opt out of receiving marketing or promotional materials, it also says that you must contact a provider directly to cease communications.

If you have a question about how the process works or need help, you can email through the contact us form. The website provides no customer service telephone number. There is an FAQ section which may answer many of your questions. The resources on the website include an auto insurance video corner which provides informational videos on collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. There is also an insurance corner where you can view news stories on insurance and read articles written about annuities, health, auto, life and home insurance.

Website Ranking

While US Insurance Online does not have a BBB ranking, its parent company, All Web Leads does have a Better Business Bureau accreditation. It is rated “A+” with a total of 69 complaints over a three-year time span. All of the complaints were in the areas of advertising, sales, products and service and were resolved satisfactorily.

Pros & Cons


  • Website is easy to navigate
  • Quick email and phone responses for quotes
  • Saves time in comparison shopping


  • It is unclear whether your personal information is being sold.
  • You may receive excessive emails and phone calls.
  • No customer service telephone number

The Bottom Line

The privacy policy makes it unclear whether or not your personal information is being sold as lead information to other companies. The website is easy to use and calls and emails for quotes start coming in quickly. The website is comparable to other insurance website such as NetQuote and InsureMe. If you are comfortable with the website's terms and conditions, it could save you some time in doing insurance comparison shopping. To find out more information or to shop for insurance comparison rates, you can visit the US Insurance Online website.