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Unemployment rates, inflation, GDP. Making sense of the most relevant economic indicators can be daunting. The Balance not only keeps you updated, but helps you understand what to watch for while navigating these uncertain times.
Grocery shopping is over.
Inflation or No, Consumers Keep Right on Buying
Man holding wallet looks at gas pump total
Crude Oil Price Drop Won’t Help at the Gas Station
Couple paying bills on laptop
Government Is Concerned About Household Debt
Man carrying groceries looks doubtfully at receipt
Putting the Latest Inflation Reading Into Perspective
Man driving combine on field
Here’s How Inflation in Your Area Compares
Three young women shopping in town
Inflation Couldn’t Crush October’s Shopping Rush
Colleagues reviewing business receipts at checkout counter in store
Inflation Deflates Consumers, Despite Other Positives
Woman frowning at grocery list in market
Your Grocery List Ranked by Inflation
Man refueling car at gas station
Inflation Jumps to a Startling 6.2%, Highest Since 1990
Smiling engineer at shipyard
Economy Is Ripe For a Hiring Spree, Data Shows
Soaring Demand
The Other Reason for High Prices? Demand for Stuff
Receptionist taking cardkey from guest at hotel
Workers Show Signs Of Returning As Delta Surge Fades
Woman installs entertainment consoles in minivan
Back on Track: As Delta Fades, the US Adds More Jobs
Fed Chair Jerome Powell explaining a point in monetary policy
Fed Says It Will Begin To Pull Back Economic Support
Young couple meeting with adviser
Federal Reserve Dictionary: Your Guide to the Jargon
Man examines bottles at food market
September Inflation Rate Rises to Fresh 30-Year High
Smiling man takes a picture with his smart phone of a check or paycheck for digital electronic deposit
Labor Shortage Spurs Record-Setting Raises for Workers
Woman staring unhappily out a window
Economic Growth Slows to 2% in Third Quarter
Smiling woman shopping online by Christmas tree
Headwinds Aside, Retailers Expect Record Holiday Sales
Warehouse workers checking inventory
Survey: Wages Rose Again Last Quarter—But So Did Prices
Frustrated woman looking at tablet
Your Favorite Item Out of Stock? Get Used to It
Food Costs/Holiday Spending
Survey: Inflation Has Families Choosing Food Over Gifts
Mother and son shopping at supermarket
Inflation Dictionary: Your Guide to the Jargon
People buying books in a local bookstores
High Prices Didn’t Deter Shoppers in September
Woman wearing fleece jacket and rubbing hands in her cold home
Higher Heating Bills Coming This Winter, Feds Warn
Stressed woman with no money looking at her credit card bills and monthly payments.
How Much More Inflation Are You Expecting?
Customer With Shopping Cart
Higher Inflation Could Be Here for Awhile
Indonesian Man Selling Dead Chickens on the Street
IMF Cuts Growth Outlook for US, World
Young couple scrutinizing grocery receipt at home
Is the US Economy Headed for ’70s-Style Stagflation?
Waitress wearing face mask stands with back to a table of customers
Workers Called It Quits in August As Virus Cases Surged
Photo of a young man watching filling his gas tank.
If It Burns, It’s Probably Getting More Expensive
Student videoconferencing with teacher on computer in living room
Monthly Employment Report Is a Big Disappointment—Again
Woman managing online banking with smartphone and making mobile payment with credit card on hand while having meal in a restaurant
Consumer Credit Balances Rose in August, at Slower Pace
Young waiter with face mask in coffee shop.
Jobless Claims Fall for First Time in Four Weeks
Young Woman Suffering from Cold or Covid
Red-Hot Economy Now Shivers, Says Atlanta Fed
Waiter serving family in restaurant
Saving Rate Falls as Stimulus Fades, Spending Increases
Construction engineer planning and briefing for safety and build factory in oil refinery plant.
Some Dealt With 10% Unemployment Long Before Pandemic
Man receiving home-delivered packages
Supply Chain Snarls Hinder Consumer Spending
Woman and Man Having Business Meeting
Unemployment Claims Are Up for Third Consecutive Week
Woman using digital tablet on window sill
Jobless Claims Tick Up Again, Defying Expectations
Jerome Powell smiling
Fed Projects Rate Hike May Come as Soon as 2022
Young Man Shaking Hands With Job Recruiter
If You’re Looking for Work, You’ll Likely Still Find It
Man frowning while having telephone conversation at desk with laptop.
Hurricane Ida Bumps Up Jobless Claims
Woman at furniture store choosing sofa
Consumers Are Still Spending, Just on Different Things
Woman having teleconference at her desk
Wages, Eroded by Inflation All Year, Gain Some Ground
Female customer with face mask shopping at a grocery store
Inflation Rate Cools a Bit More in August
A woman wearing a face mask stands with a suitcase cart piled with luggage on which her little son is sitting and eating an apple at the airport.
Survey: Americans Feel a Bit Less Hesitant to Travel
engineer using digital tablet working late night shift at petroleum oil refinery in industrial
Households Feel the Heat From Rising Natural Gas Prices
Two Women at Work
Jobless Claims Continue Descent, Hit New Pandemic Low
Hospital phlebotomist collecting blood sample from patient in lab
Here’s Where the Jobs Will and Won’t Be This Decade
Women seated at restaurant table with laptop and papers gazing at man seated before her
Workers Lose Spot in the Driver’s Seat, Survey Suggests
Masked shopkeeper hands bag to customer.
Spending Less Now? Here’s How It May Affect the Economy
Delivery woman driving van with packages on the front seat.
Gig Work Prevalence Highlights Impact of Lost Benefits
Waitress with a face mask and gloves cleaning tables with disinfectant in a cafe
Virus Cases Slam the Brakes on August Job Growth
BARATARIA, LOUISIANA - AUGUST 31: The Maldonado travel by boat to their home after it flooded during Hurricane Ida on August 31, 2021 in Barataria, Louisiana. "I've lost everything in my trailer because of the hurricane. I've lost everything, my family has lost everything and we're now trying to find help. We all live in this area and now its all gone," said Fusto Maldonado when asked about the storm's effect. Power is out throughout New Orleans and the surrounding area. Ida made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane on August 29 in Louisiana and brought flooding and wind damage along the Gulf Coast.
Ida’s Gulf Coast Flood Victims More Likely To Be Insured
Young Woman With Laptop
Jobless Claims Fall to 340,000, a New Pandemic Low
Customer comparing medicines by rack at pharmacy
White House Doubles Fourth-Quarter Inflation Outlook
Latin Ameriocan girl getting a COVID-19 vaccine
Vaccine Inequity Could Cost World Economy $2.3 Trillion
Man with calculator counting money and checking bills at home
Wages, Child Tax Credit Boost Household Income in July
A grocery's cashier checking out products.
Fed May Pare Bond Buying in 2021, but No Rate Hike Yet