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Unemployment rates, inflation, GDP. Making sense of the most relevant economic indicators can be daunting. The Balance not only keeps you updated, but helps you understand what to watch for while navigating these uncertain times.
A person looks at paperwork.
44% of US Adults Are Not Financially Ready for Recession
A man at a furniture store takes a photograph of a dining room table.
Your Shopping in June Helped Boost Retail Sales by 1%
Woman sitting in front seat of car leaning out window grabbing keys from someone else
Is Your Leased Car Actually a Gold Mine?
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Will Your Job Be a Victim of the Fed’s War on Inflation?
SOUTH BURLINGTON, VERMONT - JUNE 20: Shoppers look at a fresh vegetables display June 20, 2022 at the Market 32 Supermarket in South Burlington, Vermont. Prices for food in 2022 have increased nearly 10% since the same period in 2021.
Why You Saw Bigger Bills in June: Inflation Rose to 9.1%
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You Might Want To Brace for Worse Inflation This Year
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Strong June Jobs Report Might Ease Your Recession Worries
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How Bad Will the Next Recession Be?
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Shoppers Lose Resilience as They Face Off Inflation
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Mortgage Applications Increase, Keep an Eye on GDP
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Faith in Economy’s Future Sinks to a 9-Year Low
A couple tours an empty home with a real estate agent.
Consumer Confidence Takes a Dive, Home Prices Rise
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High Prices Drove Up Orders for Big-Ticket Items in May
WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 23: Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System testifies before the House Committee on Financial Services June 23, 2022 in Washington, DC. Powell testified on monetary policy and the state of the U.S. economy.
Why Does Raising Rates Slow Inflation?
Two people hold tablets as they work in a manufacturing factory.
Mortgage Rates, Manufacturing Looking Like 2008
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Gas Prices Are Easing, but Don’t Expect Them To Plunge
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New Home Construction Takes Double-Digit Tumble
Custom photo montage showing restaurant manager and figurative symbols of the U.S. worker shortage.
Empty Shelves? Long Waits? Blame the Labor Shortage
WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 15: U.S. Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell speaks during a news conference following a meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) at the headquarters of the Federal Reserve on June 15, 2022 in Washington, DC. Powell announced that the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates by three-quarters of a percentage point, the highest rate hike in 28 years.
Fed Intensifies Inflation Fight With Outsized Rate Hike
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Retail Sales Fall As Inflation Dogs Consumers
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No Relief in Sight as Inflation Heats Up to 8.6% in May
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Unemployment Claims Edge Upward, But Remain Low
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Up Again? Gas Prices Rise at Fastest Pace in Months
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Home Prices Up Again As Buyers Lock in Last Low Rates
A senior couple sits at a dining table, using a laptop computer with paperwork and bills on the table.
Higher-Priced Basics Eat 70% of Social Security Checks
Service Engineer explaining to Businessman about the HVAC system ( Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning ) in control room shopfloor of factory.
Job Market Maintains Momentum Despite Headwinds
Software engineer explaining to controlling robotic welding process to welder in factory.
Private Sector Hiring Slows, Jobless Claims Stay Low
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High Gas Prices Turn Off Motorists, Driving Down Demand
Man Using Computer At Home Office
Job Openings Dip, But So Do Layoffs
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Home Prices Increased at Historic Level Again in March
Father and daughter eating lunch in a diner.
As Consumers Keep Spending, Inflation Eases Slightly
Senior woman, engineer-technician, is operating complex equipment on electrical dispatching station, checking system status, and adjusting parameters of the power grid.
First-Quarter GDP Slid a Bit More Than First Reported
Young family look around a new house with an estate agent.
New Home Sales Plunge to 2-Year Low
Captain steering tug into port
Seeing Is Believing: Supply Chains Remain Tangled
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Home Sales Drop for Third Month Amid Rising Rates
Woman sitting on sofa looks out window with worried expression.
Homebuyers, Builders Hold Off as Mortgage Rates Rise
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Coming Soon to a Big Box Store Near You: More Inflation
Petroleum oil refinery engineer worker in oil and gas industrial with personal safety equipment PPE to inspection follow checklist by tablet.
Loss of Refineries a Factor in High Gas Prices
People eat outside during the lunch hour at a restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue in the Capitol Hill neighborhood on May 21, 2021 in Washington, DC.
Retail Sales Rise Again, Despite Higher Prices
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Inflation Rate Slows to 8.3% in April
Man Filling Up Gas Tank
Gas Prices Break New Record After Brief Reprieve
Client in store with electric gardening tools
Inflation Rate Finally Seen Slowing (a Tad)
Custom illustration featuring a figurative depiction of a female worker and job applications.
Economy Adds 428,000 Jobs, Chugs Toward Full Recovery
Figurative custom illustration of the Federal Reserve walking a tightrope.
Federal Reserve Uses Entire Arsenal on Inflation
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Private Sector Has Slowest Hiring Month of Pandemic Era
Sales clerk scanning grocery items on flatbed scanner at store checkout counter with customer standing by at the counter.
Earning the Federal Minimum Wage Is Worth 17% Less Now
Couple reading paperwork in new house.
Home Prices March Higher; Job Openings Hit Record Again
Engineers discuss at a CNC machine
Labor Shortages Slowing Growth, Manufacturers Say
Chef preparing food for customers.
If Your Pay Rose Faster Than Prices, You’re Lucky
Woman Looking At Blouse While Out Shopping
Measure of Core Inflation Improves Slightly
Image of laptop screen with the words 'Release of Reserves' being searched
Oil Dictionary: Your Guide to the Jargon
Custom illustration showing a figurative chart line with photo images of cash, an ATM, a soldier on top of a tank, and grocery aisles.
Economy Shifts Into Reverse as GDP Declines 1.4%
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Some Low-Wage Workers Are Staying Ahead of Inflation
Man with Coffee Mug and Laptop
Houses Got Pricier Again in February
Woman looking concerned at gas pump
Gas Prices Are Already Ticking Back Up
Engineer and Welder in Factory
Jobless Claims Stay Low, Mortgage Rates Climb
Woman Making Purchase at Store
Inflation Takes a Toll on Retail Sales
Young woman refueling her car at a gas station.
Gas Prices Were Actually Higher in the Past
Man worker with face mask and gloves working in warehouse, driving forklift.
Wholesale Prices Jump in Worrisome Sign for Inflation
Woman grocery shopping with inflation prices going up behind her.
Inflation Accelerates to 8.5%—But Is It the Peak?