Uploads.im Review

A Full Review of Uploads.im, a Free Online Image Hosting Service

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Uploads.im is a really simple and easy to use free image hosting service with absolutely zero storage limitations, meaning you can upload as many photos as you like without worrying about them expiring.

A couple of other things I like most about Uploads.im is that you can shorten the URLs and are able to upload photos in the popular Photoshop format.

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  • No account or sign in is required
  • Images don't expire
  • No limit on the number of files you can upload
  • Direct URLs are given out for sharing or hotlinking
  • Supports popular image file formats
  • Can upload multiple pictures at once
  • URL uploads are allowed
  • Numerous sharing buttons are available


  • Unable to delete photos
  • Can't create an account to keep track of your pictures
  • File names change once they've been uploaded

Acceptable Image Formats

BMP, GIF (still or animated), JPG, PDF, PNG, PSD, TIFF

Uploads.im Limitations

All photos, no matter the extension, can be uploaded to Uploads.im as long as they're not more than 10 MB in size.

Uploads.im Upload Tools

For an easier way to upload files to Uploads.im, you can install a Firefox or Chrome browser extension.

These download links are located at the very bottom of the Uploads.im website and let you upload files by right-clicking on them as you come across them online. This method of uploading simply provides a quick way to use the "Remote" upload feature at Uploads.im.

More About Uploads.im

  • When uploading pictures, choose the image sizes button to resize the images before uploading them
  • Each upload gives you a page of links you can use, such as DirectViewer, Thumb BBCodes, and Thumb HTML Codes
  • Photo albums aren't supported, but you are able to upload multiple photos at once and receive a link to the page that contains all of them
  • Click the button called Upload preferences before uploading photos and choose to create short URLs if you would rather 

My Thoughts on Uploads.im

I particularly like the "main" download page you're given when uploading multiple files to Upload.im. All the available URLs are shown, including the direct links and social sharing buttons. You can come back to this URL for all of the image links, or you can share it with others as a type of photo album.

It's important to note something about layered files like PSD files, and how they work with Uploads.im. If you upload a PSD file that contains layers, it will be able to be downloaded as either a PNG or a full, layer-supported PSD file depending on how you view the image. If you view the direct link to the PSD file on Uploads.im, it will prompt you to download the PSD image with layer support, just like the original file that was uploaded. However, if you right-click the PSD file and choose to view the image in the browser, you'll find a PNG file of the flattened Photoshop file, which you can use for hotlinking on websites or sharing with others because PNGs can be opened in any browser without any other software.

One thing I don't like about Uploads.im is the way it uploads files.

Say you're uploaded an image that's 20 MB, which is over the 10 MB file size limit. You'd think the upload tool wouldn't accept the file from the very start, but it actually tries to upload the file regardless of the size and only says it's too large once it reaches the 10 MB threshold. This means you must wait for the image to attempt to upload only to find that it won't. I recommend double checking the size of the file once you've selected them just to ensure that bandwidth isn't being wasted.

I also think it's really unfortunate that you can't delete your photos. With most other free image hosting services, you can create an account and edit or delete your photos. Uploads.im doesn't allow this, but on that same note, it's great that you don't need an account to store your photos online.

That, and the photos have no expiration date, which is really nice.

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