Use Unzip-Online to Extract RAR & ZIP Files

Screenshot of the Unzip-Online website

Unzip-Online is a free file extractor website that lets you extract archives files without having to download a program to your computer. It works by letting you upload the archive to the website and then download the individual files that you want to keep.

Two of the most popular archives formats are supported with Unzip-Online and it can extract files from even large archive files. Since it runs through a website, you can use Unzip-Online in any web browser on any operating system.

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  • Doesn't require a software download
  • Supports popular file formats
  • Archive files can be up to 200 MB
  • Works with any browser in any operating system
  • Uploads are private and removed after 24 hours


  • Must wait for files to be uploaded before they can be extracted
  • Can not create new archives
  • Only supports two decompression formats
  • Extracted files must be downloaded in order to use them
  • Archive files over 200 MB can not be extracted
  • Can not open more than one archive at once

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Note: RAR and ZIP are the two most popular archive formats, so you most likely won't encounter any other formats that you'll need to decompress. However, there are in fact other archive file formats that, if need to be opened, cannot be used with Unzip-Online, like 7Z, TAR, TGZ, and TBZ archives.

My Thoughts on Unzip-Online

Unzip-Online is a perfect file unzipper if you just need a small archive file extracted but you don't have any software installed to do so.

For example, if you're on a computer that doesn't allow program installs (like at school or work), your only real option is to use a website to unzip the archive. But since Unzip-Online can upload large archives, it's useful even for the bigger ones you may need to decompress.

The Unzip-Online website is pretty self-explanatory, so there shouldn't be any confusion when using it.

Just choose the Uncompress files button from the homepage to start, then upload the ZIP or RAR file that you need to open. When it's fully uploaded, you'll see a list of all the files inside the archive and you can click on any of them to start downloading them back to your computer in an uncompressed form that's ready to use.

It's nice that the two most popular file formats are acceptable on Unzip-Online. It's also a good thing that the archive can be up to 200 MB in size, which is rather large. However, having to upload an archive file could take a lot of time, and that doesn't even account for the fact that you have to then download those files back to your computer to use them.

If you're looking for a solid program to unzip archives that doesn't limit file sizes (since some archives can get really large, even over 200 MB), supports more archive formats, and doesn't require file uploads and downloads, try 7-Zip, PeaZip, or jZip.

Note: Funzip is another free file extractor website that's very similar in both design and function to Unzip-Online, but it supports larger ZIP and RAR files, up to 400 MB in size.