7 Unique Aviation Gifts from Etsy.com

The Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Radial Engine Piston Desk Lamp

Piston Desk Lamp
Photo Courtesy planepieces

A Plane Pieces, Inc. original design, Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Flying Monkey Metallic Radial Engine Piston Desk Lamp is made from an authentic 1940s R-2800 Flying Monkey radial engine piston - one of the most popular piston radial engines ever designed. It's one of only 50 pieces. A unique item that incorporates history and modern art in one piece, this is a great deal for gift-givers with a generous budget. 

Canvas-Wrapped Aircraft Print

Photo © Tif Sheppard/ TifSheppardFineArt

For a truly unique and refined piece of aviation artwork, check out Tif Sheppard's canvas-wrapped military aircraft prints. Tif is a military spouse who has a special talent for giving modern aircraft a vintage feel.  With fantastic colors and textures, her Giclee prints reflect the beauty and patriotism of military airframes and their pilots. Military and civilian aviation fans alike would appreciate one of these spectacular paintings in their home, office or hangar. 

VFR Sectional Tray

Photo © Niklas Lyback/ Trays4Us

If you're a pilot, there's a good chance you've used a VFR sectional in place of wrapping paper before. But have you thought to use one for oh, say, a T.V. tray? Niklas Lyback, the owner of Trays4Us, creates trays out of VFR sectional charts. The trays are crafted in Sweden from birch veneer and laminated with sectional charts from major airports for a clean look. Cool stuff. Just remember, these charts are not for navigational use. 

Vintage Airport Tee

Photo © Smash Transit

It's hard to find a pilot shirt that isn't cheesy and doesn't scream "I'm Awesome Because I'm a Pilot!" With this vintage airport identifier shirt, you won't have to scream it, because this shirt will actually make you cool. The design is hand-made and hand-printed, according to Smash Transit creators. It's old school yet modern and available in many colors. Now you can represent your favorite airport - and hobby - without the cheese factor.

Personalized Antique Brass Compass

Photo © Yaman Aysel/Giftboxtr

 A compass is always a classy item to have, and this antique brass compass from Giftboxtr is seriously charming. It can be personalized with a favorite quote and would make a great gift for the aviator or aviatrix in your life. Made in Turkey by Yaman Aysel, this compass is sure to impress all types of aviation enthusiasts. As a bonus, it actually works!  

Airport Road Sign

Photo © MrsRShop/Etsy

Every man cave needs a few signs, and this airport road sign from MrsRShop on Etsy is obviously fitting for any aviation guy. There's not an airplane nerd in the world that wouldn't love to have a sign like this, and for just under $50, you can't go wrong. 

Aviation Typography Print

Photo © Karen K./AddisonandLake

These unique aviation typography prints from Karen K. at AddisonandLake tell a story about a journey. They make a fantastic way to display a favorite flight, like an airline pilot's first trip on the job. Completely customizable with airport identifiers, airline, flight number, date and times, these vintage prints would also be great for the frequent traveler.