Unintentionally Awful Website Names

These 10 Websites Should Really Reconsider Their Domain Name

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When you’re looking for a website name for your company, product, or service, you want something catchy and memorable. You also want something fairly short, and ideally ending with a .com. Yes, there are many suffixes now, including .net and .biz, but people instinctively type .com.

For those reasons, website names can become somewhat convoluted or tricky, with phonetic spellings taking the place of actual spellings (fone instead of phone), or a Z replacing an S ( dogz instead of dogs).

What also happens is a collision of words. Website and domain names are not punctuated, so words run together. And that can lead to some hilariously unintentional website names. Here are 10 mistakes that defy believe.

WHOREPRESENTS.COM  (Who Represents / Whore Presents)

It’s hard to tell what the people at WhoRepresents.com actually do; their website design is painful, to say the least. But the clearly don’t care that their domain name is, at first glance, more akin to a place you’d be gifts for hookers.

PENISLAND.NET (Pen Island / Penis Land)

This is not an adult version of Disneyland that you visit in the summer. No, this is Pen Island, the home of elegant writing instruments. Do they look like phallic objects? Well, they’re pens, but there are no male members on sale.

MOLESTATIONNURSERY.COM  (Mole Station Nursery / Molestation Nursery)

It’s bad enough that the word molestation appears in your website domain, but coupling it with nursery – a place we instinctively pair with young children – is just wrong.

Why they have not opted for a hyphenated name, or a complete name change, is baffling. By the way, it’s a business about plants.

LADRAPE.COM  (LA Drape / Lad Rape)

There are few words more loaded than rape, and this curtain company seems to be fine using it in their domain name. From fancy Californian drapes to the rape of young boys, it seems like this one needs a huge rethink.

BITEFARTCAFE.RS  (Bitef Art Cafe / Bite Fart Cafe)

You can excuse this one because there is Russian translation involved, but if they are using English words in the title, they should realize that a combination of Bitef and Art is also going to make Bite Fart. Not an ideal name for a café.

THERAPISTINABOX.COM  (Therapist In A Box / The Rapist In A Box)

Fans of Arrested Development will be all too familiar with the term Analrapist, Tobias Fünke’s foolhardy combination of Analysis and Therapist. That was supposed to be funny. This one, definitely not. And yet, it remains unchanged. Maybe they are getting good business from links like this one.

ANALEMMA.ORG  (Analemma/ Anal Emma)

What is Analemma? Well, it’s not the name of an up-and-coming adult film star, but the website name would make you think differently. This, from the website:

The Analemma Society operates exclusively for educational and scientific purposes. We seek to develop awareness, appreciation, and understanding of science through astronomy for children and adults, develop programs of observation, measurement, calculation, and interpretation of astronomy within local educational institutions and work to further develop existing educational programs, to design and erect means of detecting the motions of the Earth, Moon, planets and stars in Observatory Park, FCPA, and develop a heightened degree of awareness of the motions of these celestial bodies in the solar system.

OLDMANSHAVEN.COM  (Old Man’s Haven / Old Man Shaven)

This one just conjures up too many images that the mind doesn’t want to see. It’s actually a site dedicated to luxury cabin rentals in Hocking Hills, Ohio.

No razors required.

FERRETHANDJOBS.COM  (Ferreth And Jobs / Ferret Hand Jobs)

This one screams of being manufactured, but the site claims otherwise. It’s one thing to have a bad domain name, but to put it on a line of t-shirts, along with the slogan “Is your business in the right hands?” Set up. But funny. And if it’s real, you’re not getting much legal business anytime soon.

POTSOFART.COM  (Pots Of Art / Pot So Fart / Potso Fart)

You can say it however you want- the website name has fart in it, and it will never live it down.