Undergraduate Internship Opportunity in Public Health

Learning About Illness Prevention & Health Promotion

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Students majoring in science or public health are encouraged to apply for the summer internships offered by The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). Positions are available at the Department's Wadsworth Center Laboratories in Albany, NY, and in NYSDOH's environmental health programs and county health departments across the state.

It is anticipated that much of the future advancement in the nation's healthcare system will come from the ongoing development and focus on wellness and prevention programs.

Health promotion and disease prevention is the wave of the future and these topics are being taught early to children across the country. Today's youth recognizes the need to develop a healthy lifestyle in order to ensure optimal health and prevent disease. Fast food restaurants are no longer viewed as benign establishments when it comes to living a health conscious life. Exercise is being explored by even the most least likely candidates and our environment is being scrutinized for toxic pollutants and their overall effect on the population.

Opportunities Available:

Internships are available in two separate tracks: Environmental Health (located across New York State) and Public Science Health (located in Albany, NY).


All applicants must have completed a minimum of one year of full-time college study including: 2 courses in natural science, such as biology, chemistry or earth science.

Completion of two years of full-time college study or equivalent, including at least 4 courses in natural science, such as biology, chemistry or earth science is preferred. All students will be required to participate in a presentation at the conclusion of the internship.


Students will receive a $3,000 stipend for the 8 week internship.


The deadline to apply for internships is mid - March.

To Apply:

For questions about the program call Nancy Blake (518) 473-4223 or send an email.

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