WPM Tests to Speed Up Your Typing

These free typing speed tests will test and evaluate your current typing speed and give you some insightful information on what you can do to speed up your keyboarding skills.

The typing speed tests, also know as WPM tests, test how many words you can type in one minute. Many of them also test for accuracy but the speed tests below really focus on speed. If you'd like to get a good test on your accuracy as well, you can find a complete list of free typing tests that are good for testing both speed and accuracy.

All of the free typing speed tests work a little bit differently but they will all have you type sample sentences in a set period of time. I suggest trying them all out so you can find which one motivates you the most to type as fast as you can during the given time period.

If you don't score as well as you had hoped on your typing speed test, you can take free typing lessons or play some free typing games to help increase your speed in a matter of days. You can even go back to the basics of learning how to type.

To make things a little more interesting, I took all these typing speed tests and recorded my speed so you could see how the tests vary from each other. Keep in mind that sometimes a higher speed can be attributed to easier sentences, lack of punctuation and symbols, and how the website starts and stops its timer. I did not factor in accuracy, since I was only focusing on increasing my speed with these tests.

Typing Speed Test at TypingTest.com

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The typing speed test over at TypingTest.com is my favorite WPM test for a few different reasons. It's easy to use and I believe that it gives a more accurate speed test than other websites.

Once you press the first key on the keyboard the typing speed test starts the clock so you don't have to worry about starting a timer manual. While you are taking the test you can easily glance over to your right to see how much time you have left, your typing speed, and the number of errors.

You can choose between a handful of stories to write, even non-English ones, plus how much time you should be allotted (1-5 minutes).

I think this is a very accurate typing speed test because you can choose to take a test where you are writing actual paragraphs with punctuation instead of strings of words or easy sentences.

I also like how it doesn't make you backspace to correct errors so you really are focusing on improving your WPM.

My speed: 86 WPM More

FastFingers' Typing Speed Test

FastFingers typing speed test is a little different because they're testing you on random words strung together. In a sense, this makes the test more difficult because the words that comes next doesn't make any sense with the ones before it.

This typing speed test starts when you type your first letter and you can view clock counting down as you go along. You can improve your WPM with this 1-minute test since there are a full 200 words you can type.

The only punctuation I noticed during my test was apostrophes. If you type a word wrong, it gets highlighted in red but you can keep on typing without having to go back for corrections.

After the WPM test, you can view your words per minute, keystrokes, correct words, and wrong words. They'll also tell you how much faster  you typed then the other users in the last 24 hours.

This website also lets you take an advanced, 1,000 word test but you must create a user account first. Plus there are live competitions you can have with other users for an even more heart racing experience.

My speed: 85 WPM More

Typing.com's Free Typing Speed Test

The typing speed test at Typing.com gives you lots of easy and somewhat difficult words, so it's less like you're writing random words and more like you're re-writing a story.

Your typing speed test starts when you press the first key and ends when the timer runs down. Any errors you make throughout the test will force you to stop and focus.

You can pick from a 1 minute, 3 minute, and 5 minute test. When you're done with the speed typing test, you'll see your typing speed and accuracy.

Typing.com also has typing lessons for beginners.

My speed: 90 WPM More

ARTypist's Free WPM Test

ARTypist has one of the most challenging typing speed tests but perhaps one of the most accurate for improving your WPM.

The text within the test is pulled from a random Wikipedia article so there are lots of names, dates, and punctuation which really slowed me down. This text changes with every single test you take.

The clock starts when you start typing and ends when you are finished with the paragraph. You're shown your time, speed, and accuracy during the test. Mistakes are highlighted in red but you are not forced to correct them.

After the typing speed test you can view your final stats including your WPM.

My speed: 79 WPM More

Speed Typing Online's Typing Speed Test

The text from Speed Typing Online's typing speed tests are taken from various literature so you may have to deal with unfamiliar words, names, and various punctuation.

As you type you can view your time, speed, and accuracy. Errors are highlighted but will not hold you back from moving forward with the test. You can pick a 30 second test or a 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, or 20 minute one.

Something unique about this test is that you can choose a non-Qwerty keyboard layout as well as enable a double spacing feature that puts two spaces between sentences.

After you've taking the typing speed test you can view your raw speed, adjusted speed, accuracy, how many words your typed, and the number of correct and incorrect characters.

My speed: 80 WPM More