Types of Stand-Alone Software

What You Need to Know About Stand Alone Software

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Stand-alone software is an application that does not come bundled with (or require another software package) in order to run. Essentially, it's software that can "stand on its own" without help from the Internet or another computer process.

Stand-alone software is installed on your computer, which is very different than online software that runs via your internet browser.

Quicken and Microsoft Money are two examples of stand-alone software packages that don't require anything more than the operating system on your computer (whether it's Windows or another operating system).

Different Types of Stand-Alone Software

There are several types of stand-alone software.  Here are a few examples.

  • Software that runs on its own without an internet connection. An example is an anti-virus software or financial software (like Microsoft money) which can be installed on your computer after inserting an installation disc into your computer or laptop disc drive or portable disc drive.
  • Software that isn’t part of a bundle. Many times, this is software that comes with computer hardware or an electronic device. A bundle can also mean several software packages sold together, but most often, you will receive bundled software when you purchase a new computer. A bundle can include antivirus, money management, photo-related and other software.
  • A program that runs separately from all other computer processes. This is a program that doesn’t rely on other software in order to function. The most common form of this software is your computer's operating system.
  • A portable application that doesn’t need to be installed on your computer. An example is a software program that runs on its own using a disc or flash drive. When not in use, you can easily eject the disc or flash drive. The program, therefore, is self-contained and, conveniently, doesn't take up space on your hard drive.
  • An expansion pack for gaming. If you enjoy playing video games online, you know that gaming software offers expansion packs. In most cases, these packs are “add-ons” to the game. Add-ons might be new weapons or other new items that can be incorporated into an existing game.

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