I, Twitter

If supply chains were shackles, then Twitter set me free.

Tweet. Getty Images

No IP address is an island, entire of itself.  Every IP address is a piece of the continent, a part of the main…

John Donne – paraphrased above – was dead on.  400 years before anyone thought to type the letters h-t-t-p all in a row, Donne realized the inevitability of the Internet.

Some people were born too early.

Oscar Wilde and Twitter were made for one another.  Instagram would have been Mathew Brady’s playground.

  Shakespeare + Netflix = Emmy’s anon.  Dorothy Parker missing the Internet is like Picasso being born before paint.  And no one would have made better use of a poetry blog than Emily Dickinson.

I believed I was born too late.

I longed to be that island that John Donne claimed didn’t exist.  I liked having my world’s boundary drawn at the visible horizon.  And I vowed that social media would forever have a hole called ROSCO.  And then – supply chain.  Oh, supply chain, your siren call lured me into blogging’s jagged rocks.  I waxed poetic about the virtues of supplying customers with what they wanted, with the added glory of supply them when they wanted to be supplied - but colored all that promise with the warning that this should all be done by spending as little money as possible.  This, according to supply chain bloggers - and not just this one - is called supply chain optimization.

And with the ROSCO blog came the question – now freakin’ what?

An early reader emailed to ask if I was on Twitter.  I was not.  And then, I was.

My Twitter account is in its infancy.  And who knows if it will live to see adulthood.  But – as my feed cascades before me – I marvel at my Twitter’s DNA.  Supply chain nuggets.  Sports updates.  Centrist, left-leaning news and opinions.

  The occasional red counterpoint.  Snark, stats, self-promotion.  My Twitter reflects me back at me.

But my Twitter has been maturing and needs my guidance less and less.  I watch it sometimes – all on its own – pulling together morsels to feed me.  My Twitter knows me… anticipates me.  I follow more and more of my Twitter’s recommendations.  The opinions I read form my own.  The news I glance at colors my day.  And I wonder if I am becoming more of my Twitter’s reflection than vice-versa.

If supply chains were shackles, then Twitter set me free.  #supplychain may not trend with the popularity of, say, #montythepenguin - but for the hundreds and hundreds of us tweeting about optimized supply chain, Twitter is our connective tissue.  Only a few short weeks ago, I was committed to my island.  But now the “me” at the center of “social media” has been unleashed…

…And therefore never send to know for whom the Twitter tweets; it tweets for thee.