Twitter Advertising Strategies to Increase Sales

Twitter Advertising
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Along with Google (YouTube included) and Facebook, the micro-blogging platform Twitter forms what we can call the "Big Three" of online social media marketing. With over two-hundred eighty-eight million monthly active users who collectively send half a billion tweets daily, the Twitter platform is the go to place for the latest news, entertainment gossip, and real-time sports results.

In recent years however, internet marketers' attention has turned towards using Twitter advertising to convert streams of tweets into traffic, prospects, and sales for their businesses.

It can be done and fortunately, you can adapt proven online marketing strategies from other areas to Twitter, with the goal of creating successful campaigns on a regular basis.

The great news is once you find a winning campaign, you can let it run on virtual auto-pilot; providing a steady stream of new leads into your business.

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Select Achievable Goals for your Twitter Campaign

Are your goals achievable, manageable, scaleable and realizable? In the Twitter-sphere, there are several distinct goals that will require different approaches or strategies. Here are the five most common methods of using Twitter advertising to grow your business:

  1. Getting More Followers: The more people that follow you, the better chance you have of reaching them via Twitter. To get more Twitter followers you can simply write a short statement asking people to follow you. Explain some of the advantages of following you, such as special deals, promotions, and updates delivered exclusively via Twitter. 
  1. Getting More Website Traffic: This is probably one of the most desired results from Twitter Advertising, driving quality traffic to your website. Create a Twitter website card that highlights your offer's benefits topped off with a strong call to action. Take advantage of tracking data to adjust the cards as necessary.
  1. Tweet Engagements: Though it's harder to see a direct path to monetization, we do know that people that are more engaged with your brand are more likely to buy. An intriguing option that should lead to more active conversations, especially when launching new products. Target using the right keywords.
  2. Mobile Phone App Install Offers: This is a great option if you have a mobile app and are looking to get more installs. There are many options to segment by smartphone type, operating system, etc.
  3. Lead Generation: Looking to build an email list directly from Twitter? Then this is the perfect option for you. Create a Twitter lead generation card that brings you a specific audience and builds up your mailing lists fast.

Target & Micro-target the Perfect Audience

How do you reach the right person for your latest campaign? Twitter offers you an engagement campaign platform that lets you specify demographics and other targeting options. You can target by common interests (note: Twitter recognizes over three-hundred-fifty interests), keywords, followers, and a special option (see below) as well. Being able to target by all these variables allows you to really laser target your ideal prospects and customers; rather than using a "shotgun" approach.

Micro-targeting niche audiences will make your Twitter ads more effective and help you make necessary adjustments that much quicker. If conventional targeting options fail, use Twitter's tailored audiences and your own email marketing list to target more precisely. You can use it with other filters like location, gender, platform, and language preferences to better suit your needs.

Twitter Re-marketing

Twitter allows you to set up website tags to better track and market to leads and current customers. This will help you create campaigns based on actual audience data and past conversion rates.

These tags – small bits of code – allows Twitter to find users who have recently visited your websites, and in turn can help you lure them in as leads, followers, or given the right incentive immediate customers.

In effect, you are reaching out to people who have already shown an interest in your products or services. Hence, the term re-marketing.

The ability to get your message right in front on Twitter who has recently visited your website is extremely powerful.

Tracking and Optimizing your Twitter Campaigns

Twitter lets you accurately and precisely track your advertising performance with the following tools:

  1. Tweet Activity Dashboard.
  2. Conversion Tracking on both an individual and broad level (Re-marketing).
  3. Mobile Apps Analytics to track application purchases, installs, and opens.

Signing up with at least one of Twitter's mobile measurement partners allows you to access detailed information about conversions and overall campaign performance. You'll be able to see what's working, what's not working, and continually tweak your campaigns for optimal performance.

Final Thoughts on Twitter Advertising

Twitter advertising offers many options to both newcomers and experienced internet marketers alike.  However, the bewildering number of possibilities can appear intimidating. Thankfully, Twitter offers helpful tools and advice aimed at optimizing your performance.

Perhaps better than the other social media “heavy hitters”, Twitter offers internet marketers continuous, real-time access to every part of the sales and purchase funnel. Make sure that you (or your social media marketing manager) register today to get started on your Twitter Ads campaign.