Tubi TV Review

My Thoughts on Tubi TV, a Free TV Show & Movie Streaming Service

Screenshot of the movie Jack Goes Boating at Tubi TV
The Movie "Jack Goes Boating".

One free movie streaming website you should check out is Tubi TV.

Not only are there thousands of free movies and free TV shows, the website and mobile app make it so easy to browse for the films and episodes you know you'll like.

Though it's true that Tubi TV has advertisements throughout each of their videos, you probably won't find many free movie streaming websites that don't. Plus, Tubi TV's ads are relatively short.

Tubi TV Has a Long List of Genres

It's hard to find a good movie or TV show to watch if all of the videos are in a single list, or if there's just a search function but no section for genres. Fortunately, Tubi TV organizes all of its videos into different categories, and lots of them.

There are over 35 categories at Tubi TV to help you narrow down your search for movies and TV shows. My favorite out of all of them is is one called Not on Netflix, which of course shows you dozens of movies that you can watch for free through Tubi TV that are not included in Netflix.

There are other genres, too, so you can find foreign movies, action films, comedies, dramas, horror movies, documentaries, movies about sports, travel-related films, and movies for kids.

One thing you can not do once you're viewing all the movies in a category is filter them by popularity, rating, date added, etc., like some other movie streaming websites support.

Instead, all of the movies are grouped together by category, and that's it. There are no filtering options.

Most Videos Are of Great Quality

I've watched a handful of movies at Tubi TV that are high definition and look great, but others seem to be more like DVD quality.

Though the video quality isn't consistent with every single movie or show that you'll see at Tubi TV, I still think they are 100% watchable.

I wasn't even once disappointed with the video quality.

Tubi TV's Player Options

To the right of every video you're watching at Tubi TV is the cover of the movie or TV show, a full description, the genre or section it's categorized in, the total runtime, the director, and the starring actors.

Below each video is a list of different ways you can share what you're watching at Tubi TV, like through email, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, and over 200 other places.

There's also a full screen button, video quality adjuster, scrubber bar for fast forwarding and rewinding, and button indicators showing when an advertisements/commercial will show.

You won't see subtitles on every movie or TV show you run in to at Tubi TV. This is because only some of Tubi TV's content partners provide closed captions along with their videos. 

Multiple Short Ads Are In Every Video

A 20-30 second advertisement was shown at the start of each and every video I watched at Tubi TV. In addition to this ad are several other ones that display while you're watching it. By this, I mean the video will pause for a specific duration to show a commercial.

The number of ads that you'll see in Tubi TV's movies and TV shows depend on the length of the video.

I've see as many as 11 commercials in one movie.

My Video Buffering Experience with Tubi TV

A video will buffer, or load in your browser so that you can watch it smoothly, similar to as if you were watching a movie stored on your computer or from a DVD.

Some movie streaming websites may be slow to load their videos, but I've had nothing but great experience with Tubi TV.

Every video I've watched has spent zero time buffering. The only interruption I've been met with are when in-video advertisements are shown.

Tubi TV's Mobile App is Simple to Use

My experience with the Tubi TV free movie app is through an iPhone. I like the app because it displays large cover photos of all the videos. Tapping any of them shows you a full description and of course the play button.

Right from the start, you don't even need to make a user account to watch the movies.

You can begin watching shows and movies right after you open the app.

If you create a user account with Tubi TV (it's free), you can keep tabs on what you're watching, and even resume playback if you had previously stopped watching it.

The top area of the iOS app is for featured films, while the rest of the main page shows all the different genres, the trending movies, and the films that were most recently added to the site.

There's also a search tool so you can quickly find the exact video you're looking for.

Tubi TV: Final Thoughts

I love all the different video categories that Tubi TV offers. It makes using the website a bit more fun, and even more helpful, than with other movie streaming websites that just have the very basic genres.

The Tubi TV mobile app is very similar to the website, which is great. You won't get confused moving between the two because the layout is similar and all the same genres can be found on both.