Truckast - Much More Than A Concrete Ordering App

Ready Mix Concrete Can be Ordered Easily with Truckast

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Now is easier ordering concrete and have it delivered on time with Truckast. Truckast is a relatively new app for ready mix concrete contractors and suppliers that will facilitate your job while keeping a constant eye on the concrete pour process. Truckast is a SaaS product available for contractors and suppliers under a paid subscription.  The app not only offers reliability but also works through a secure platform so all your date is kept private and up to date.

 What Mobile Devices are Supported by Truckast?

Truckast is available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones or any other device that has browser that supports web content. You can also demo the app in an emulator on the Truckast website Trial periods are also offered by the company, in case that you want to try it first before paying the full subscription service. If you want to subscribe to service you will then need too contact your supplier sales rep and tell them you want to be invited to join Truckast. Your supplier will invite you and you will get an email with your username and password.

What Services Can I get Through Truckast

The app provide many benefits and features. Truckast will allow you to set up your ready mix concrete order easily directly from your smartphone/tablet.  In addition, and once the order is placed, you gain access to track delivery times and have an idea on when the concrete trucks will be arriving on site.

The app also will  maintain complete record of how many concrete has been placed, how many is on its way and soon will also support photos being uploaded into the platform.

Who Can Use the App?

The app offers many advantages and they will vary depending on your specific role for the construction project.

For example here is a list of employees that will receive benefits when using the Truckast:

  • Field engineer
  • Concrete Superintendent
  • Project Manager
  • Estimator
  • EHS Supervisor
  • AP/Finance
  • Subcontractors

Benefits that Truckast Has to Offer

 When using Truckast to place your ready mix concrete order, you can get the following benefits:

  • Monitor change order related to concrete quantities
  • Verify that the right materials are being used in each concrete mix
  • Compare and track concrete progress
  • Monitor employees’ time, crews and keep track of production rates
  • Maintain a history of past performances that can be used to better estimate pouring time
  • Track QC testing from each concrete pour
  • Track materials being used
  • Monitor delivery of concrete trucks, track late deliveries to determine the cause for delays
  • Safety messages can be posted to informed about project specific accidents
  • Can be used to verify amount of material used, ideally for T&M contracts
  • History archives can be used to track and prepare budget forecasts
  • Decreased down-time, delays and job site stress
  • Improved crew utilization and job management
  • Minimizes phone calls and time spent waiting on line to receive job order confirmation
  • 24/7 ordering service

 Truckast App Requirements

In order for you to use the app, both the supplier and contractor must be registered in the system, so the contractor can place orders and those orders are being received by the ready mix supplier. Contractors can opt to have a single user license fee, which will cost $240 per year or through a month to month account. Payment can be made in-app. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


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