Trinity Credit Services Review

Get a customized solution for a one-time fee

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Trinity Credit Services

Trinity Credit Services

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Trinity Credit Services is a credit repair company that offers a customized solution for a flat rate that covers all your credit repair needs with no a monthly fee.

  • Pros and Cons
  • Key Takeaways
  • Specifications
Pros and Cons
  • Money-back guarantee

  • Customized credit repair solution

  • Certified in the Fair Credit Report Act

  • No monthly fee

  • Only offers credit repair solutions

  • When we called for a price quote, the company declined to offer one without first seeing individual credit situation

Key Takeaways
  • Trinity Credit Services has a long history of business operations.
  • You’ll get a customized credit repair solution designed to meet your specific needs.
  • No add-on services are offered by Trinity, as it focuses solely on credit repair.
  • Customer service representatives are friendly and knowledgeable.
  • Trinity has very few customer reviews, and those that exist are great on average.
  • Its pricing structure is unique, with no monthly fees and a fixed upfront fee.
  • Year Founded 1996
  • Average Cost Must contact for a quote
  • Types of Credit Repair Services Available Full range of credit repair services
  • Monthly Monitoring Options Not available
  • Official Website
  • Customer Support 1-844-844-0701

Trinity Credit Services offers a customized credit repair solution, with a one-time fee rather than a monthly payment. Trinity Credit Services would not confirm pricing with us when we spoke to customer service, but the fact that it is a one-time fee and doesn’t charge a monthly fee may be much better than the other credit repair companies we reviewed and could save you money in the long run. Plus, Trinity offers a full money-back guarantee if you haven’t seen any changes or improvements in your credit report in six months, which helps set it apart from the competition.

Company Overview: Well-Established Credit Repair Company 

Trinity Credit Services is a privately held credit repair company that was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in McKinney, Texas. This puts it toward the top of the list of credit repair companies we reviewed in terms of its length of time in business. Unlike most of the competition, you won’t pay a monthly fee for the credit repair services offered by Trinity, nor does the company have any pre-set plans. Instead, you’ll meet with a credit advisor who will develop a customized credit solution designed to meet your credit repair needs. 

If Trinity believes it can help you fix your credit issues, you’ll sign a six-month contract and pay an upfront fee. At the end of six months, you can ask for your money back if you haven’t seen any changes or improvements in your credit. Although this structure is quite different from most other credit repair companies we reviewed, you may end up paying less in the long run than you would with some of the competition. This is because Trinity should work hard to fix your issues since it's only getting the one-time fee in addition to its money-back guarantee. These features help Trinity stand out from the competition. 

Available Services: Customized Credit Repair Solution

Trinity Credit Services offers a different solution than what is provided by many other credit repair companies we reviewed. If you visit Trinity’s website, you’ll notice there isn’t much information regarding how much the company’s services cost. We wanted to learn more about this, so we reached out to Trinity to discuss. When we asked for a price quote, the company declined to give one, saying it varies based on the customer's credit circumstances. We wish the company was a bit more transparent with its pricing structure. It did confirm that customers pay a one-time fee for all your credit repair needs.

Before you decide to work with Trinity Credit Services, you’ll meet with a credit advisor who will evaluate your credit reports and let you know what items can potentially be repaired. The price you pay will be specified in your contract and determined based on the amount of work needed to resolve your specific issues. The representative we spoke with would not quote any prices.

If it turns out it’s going to take longer than six months to finish the work specified in your contract, Trinity offers contract extensions at no additional cost. Plus, the company will provide you with a full money-back guarantee if you haven’t seen any changes or improvements in your credit in six months.

The credit repair work offered by Trinity seems to be more extensive than a lot of the other companies we reviewed. Many credit repair companies focus primarily on sending dispute letters to the three credit bureaus. Trinity Credit Services takes a different approach, in that it is focused on conducting full investigations into your credit repair issues. This includes asking your creditors to provide documentary proof regarding the negative items reported on your credit reports. Plus, Trinity offers a promise that any items removed from your credit won’t come back. This is important because you don’t want to find out a few months down the road that a negative item was only temporarily suppressed versus being permanently removed from your credit report. 

Optional Add-Ons: No Other Services Available

Although some credit repair companies offer packages that include additional services (e.g., financial management tools or credit monitoring), Trinity Credit Services is solely focused on credit repair. If you need to have additional services, you could consider using a different credit repair company. However, Trinity does focus on teaching you how to build a positive credit history, which is something that should be expected from credit repair companies.

Learning how to build positive credit history is one of the keys to maintaining a good credit score.

Customer Service: Friendly and Knowledgeable Support Staff

Although the company’s hours of operations aren’t published on its website, you can contact Trinity by phone or via its online request form. It would be nice if the company offered online chat and published its hours of operation. However, the contact methods provided by Trinity aren’t unusual when compared to some of the other credit repair companies we reviewed. 

We had to call Trinity Credit Services to get some of the information needed for our review, as some vital information (e.g., pricing) wasn’t listed on the company’s website. The experience was pleasant, as we were met with a friendly customer service representative, but they would not provide any pricing information, which was frustrating. Our key takeaway from this experience was that Trinity seems to treat prospective customers as individuals, which is the reason it does not offer a flat rate. We expect this same type of personalized service also exists with Trinity’s client relationships. 

Reputation: Fair Credit Reporting Act Certification

Trinity Credit Services is certified in the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which sets it apart from much of the competition. 

Customer Satisfaction: Limited Reviews, but Great Ratings

Although there are very few customer reviews available for Trinity Credit Services, the available reviews are pretty good. Trinity Credit Services has a great 3.8-star standing with Trustpilot. One of the Trustpilot reviewers noted that Trinity gave them an honest evaluation of their credit situation. This review backs up a comment the customer service representative made to us that not all prospective clients will be signed up for services. If Trinity doesn’t think it can help you repair your credit, you’ll be told so upfront. This type of transparency is refreshing. 

Cost: Relatively Unusual Pricing Structure

Unlike most of the other credit repair companies we reviewed, Trinity Credit Services does not charge a monthly fee for its services. Also, the company doesn’t have any pre-set credit repair plans. Instead, Trinity charges each customer a one-time upfront fee.

The company sets the fee based on its evaluation of your credit reports, how many items you need to have repaired, and how difficult the company believes it will be to correct your issues. The company does not publish its pricing, and the customer service representative we spoke with would not quote a price or even a normal range of pricing.

It's always important to shop around when making financial decisions, to make sure you're choosing the best possible solution.

If you decide to work with Trinity, you’ll sign a contract for a time period. If there are no changes or improvements on the items Trinity agreed to repair in that timeframe, the company will offer you a full refund. Alternatively, you could be offered a contract extension at no additional charge. The contract extension will allow Trinity to continue to work on helping you repair the agreed-upon items.

Although this pricing structure is quite different from most other credit repair companies we reviewed, you could potentially save money if you go this route. This is because Trinity should be incentivized to help you fix your credit as quickly as possible since you’re not paying a monthly fee.  

The Competition: Trinity Credit Services vs. ASAP Credit Repair

A credit repair company that offers services pretty similar to those provided by Trinity Credit Services is ASAP Credit Repair. ASAP also has a guarantee and free consultation. Although the services are similar, we would choose Trinity out of the two options. This is because its service seemed top-notch and it offers a highly personalized repair plan.

  Trinity Credit Services ASAP Credit Repair
Monthly Price None None
One-Time Fee Varies by individual Unknown
Number of Plans Customized Customized
Final Verdict

Customized Credit Repair Services for a Flat Rate

Based on our methodology, Trinity Credit Services is unique in that it offers its credit repair services at an undisclosed flat rate. This pricing structure is unusual, as most of the other credit repair companies we reviewed offer set plans that come with both a one-time upfront fee and a monthly fee. What we like most about Trinity Credit Services is its individualized approach to credit repair. Plus, you may end up paying less than you would from much of the competition in the long-run since the company isn’t charging you a monthly fee.

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