Traveling With Cancel For Any Reason Insurance

Plan Your Trip Without Fear

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World events can cause fear of terrorism or health scares that make people think twice about travel. The reality is that despite these emergencies and fears, we still need to live life. There are obviously circumstances that may make us change our minds at last minute, and for those situations, there is a type of travel insurance that can help: Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance is an option.

World Events That Make People Think Twice About Travel

Earlier this year, the  World Health Organization (WHO) issued a statement declaring a “public health emergency of international concern” (PHEIC) regarding the Zika virus.

Many people are concerned about their travel plans to the regions of the world where the virus is currently prevalent. With concerns of the Zika Virus being reported in Puerto Rico, the subject continues to be in the news. Since people have become aware of the potential the Zika virus causes for women and potentially related Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), which can affect anyone of any sex, at any age, many are opting to avoid exposure to the virus and look into canceling travel and trips to affected areas

Let's look at the various types of coverage travel insurance can offer; most policies will not give you a full refund just because you changed your mind, but as you will see, you do have options!

What Basic Travel Insurance Covers

There are many different kinds of travel insurance to cover a variety of situations, such as emergency care, medical evacuation, and travel assistance. However, these insurance policies, in general, are meant to cover situations and illnesses that have happened, not things that have not yet occurred, or things you are afraid of.

The exception is trip cancelation insurance, which does provide coverage for situations that come up before a trip that may force the policy holder to cancel. The best thing to do is take out your travel insurance policy wording and read the section on trip cancelation and see if there are any circumstances within the covered conditions that may apply to you.

Canceling Due to Terrorist Attacks

Some trip cancelation insurance policies include a clause that do provide for cancelation if a terrorist attack happens at the specific destination you are traveling to within a certain number of days of your trip. However, it would only apply if the coverage you purchased included this clause and if the event has already happened; it will not apply if you are just afraid of increased risk. It is important to become well informed about the exact details of your policy. Always ask your insurance representative about these clauses before you purchase your package because better coverage may be available to you. Does the insurance you're buying include a terrorism clause?

Insurance that Allows You to Cancel for Any Reason

Yes. Travel insurance packages that contain “cancel for any reason” (CFAR). CFAR policies are available from several insurance providers and agents.

For example, if you are planning a trip and consider yourself in an at-risk group for the Zika virus, contact your travel agency, ticket provider, or insurance agent and find out if you have this clause in your policy or if you can purchase it. 

Unfortunately, many of the policies have requirements that the coverage must be purchased within a predetermined delay of the purchase date of the original ticket.

This is specifically designed so that people do not purchase the coverage only when they need it. Therefore, if you purchased your ticket more than 30 days ago, you might run into trouble finding someone to offer you the coverage, every insurer has their limitations. The deadline varies from state to state and by insurance company. It is always best to shop around and find out.

Tip: If you have basic travel insurance already included on an employee benefit plan, or other travel plan, consider inquiring if you can add a top-up or inquire about add-on cancellation insurance. Make sure that you find out what is covered to make sure you are fully protected. Find out what all your options are. 

What to Do if You Need to Cancel Your Trip and Have No Insurance

  • Contact your airline and ask them if they can offer you a refund or credit to change your travel. For example, when the Zika Virus news hit, several airlines offered options in light of the situation, especially to pregnant, or potentially pregnant travelers.
  • Contact your hotel to see if you can cancel the reservation. Often when you book a hotel, you can cancel with enough notice with little to no penalty. Consider making bookings that allow you to cancel, rather than cheaper options with no cancelation option.
  • If you are booked on a cruise or other package vacation, find out what they are offering in times of high alert. Some of them may be willing to offer credits or alternate arrangements depending on the situation. Naturally, no business wants to lose money, but sometimes, as we saw when the Zika virus situation hit the news, some providers are flexible.

Travel Without Fear

For many, purchasing travel insurance seems like an added expense that they just don't care to add on to their vacation, but in situations like these, where the unexpected truly alters one's plans, insurance is a great option to consider purchasing to cover cancelation. Keep making your plans and live your life. With the right planning and insurance, you've got your options covered and can head out there and enjoy! 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on general information and is in no way to be taken as insurance counsel, medical advice or product endorsement. It is written from a journalistic perspective and is meant as a helpful discussion to assist you in finding resources and proper counsel from a licensed professional in your region. Any links contained in this article are for information purposes only.