Transamerica Insurance Company Review

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When you are searching for a life insurance company to help you secure your family’s financial future, it can be hard to know who to trust. Transamerica is a well-known insurance company with strength in its life insurance products. It was one of the first insurance carriers to develop a universal life insurance policy. Transamerica is part of the AEGON companies, one of the largest insurance organizations in the world.

The company was founded in 1928 by A.P. Giannini for the purpose of serving the small business and farming community. Over the years, Transamerica has grown to become one of the top-ranked life insurance companies in the nation. The Transamerica Life Insurance Company is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, IA, while Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company is based in Harrison, NY. Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company is licensed to do business in New York while Transamerica Life Insurance Company writes policies in all other states.

Financial Stability & Customer Service Ratings

Before buying a life insurance policy, it is best to check on a company’s financial stability. Financial rating companies provide an overview of how a company has performed in the past and how you can expect it to perform in the future. Transamerica Life Insurance Company and Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company consistently receive high ratings from the top financial rating organizations:

Although Transamerica does not have a Better Business Bureau accreditation, it does have an “A+” rating with the organization. Over a three year period, there were a total of 80 complaints in the areas of billing, collections and service problems.

All complaints were satisfactorily resolved. bestowed Transamerica with a “People’s Choice” award. This award is based on customer satisfaction in the areas of customer service, claims, value and how likely the customer is to recommend the company to others. Companies who won the award were in the top three after customer survey results were tallied.

Life Insurance Products

Transamerica offers its customers a varied selection of top life insurance products including:

  • Universal Life Insurance: With Transamerica’s universal life insurance policy, your beneficiary will receive death benefits according to the policy’s terms. One of the features of the universal life insurance policy is that it builds up a cash value that you can borrow against. You can choose the premium amount you wish to pay monthly (within certain limits) and this premium determines the cash value of your policy.
  • Variable Universal Life Insurance: The variable universal life insurance policy has all of the features of the universal life insurance policy but also offers policy holders the opportunity to invest and growth the cash value of the policy through tax-deferred growth and federal income tax-free investments.

    Getting a Quote for Life Insurance

    To get a quote for life insurance from the Transamerica website, you will answer some questions about your family, finances, health and budget. According to the website, the process only takes about three minutes. Transamerica uses a plan predictor to find out which type of life insurance is best for you.

     First, you answer personal questions such as marital status, children, any parents living with you or that you provide primary care for, if you are widowed or divorced. Other questions are asked regarding financial responsibilities, debts, final expense wishes and estate planning. You are asked if you are willing to take a medical exam and then must answer questions about any health issues or disabilities you have along with any unhealthy habits you may have. Finally, you are asked questions about your budget and if you want a life insurance policy that builds cash value along with any plans for an upcoming retirement.

    After answering all the questions, you are presented with the best options matching your situation and have the opportunity to purchase the life insurance plan that best suits you.



    • Some insureds have complained of having to deal with third party representatives instead of direct sales agents.
    • No BBB accreditation

    Contact Information

    To receive an insurance quote or learn more about Transamerica’s life insurance products, you can visit the Transamerica website, locate an agent with the agent locator or call 1 (800) PYRAMID (797-2643).