Trading Stock Strategy Guide

Real World Stock Trading Strategies Used by Investors

There are several stock trading strategies that can be used by those who want to begin trading stock to make a profit for their own portfolio. This step-by-step series of articles and resources will explain how to begin trading stocks, ways you can improve your capital gains, and much more.

Stock Trading 101


Before you can begin reading this trading stock strategy guide, you should read Stock Trading 101. It was designed for complete beginners to understand how trading stocks works, the types of stock trades you can place with a brokerage firm, how to lower your frictional expenses, and more. The articles in this Trading Stocks Strategy Guide assume you have already read and learned that content so if you haven't studied the foundation, proceed at your own risk.

10 Ways You Can Beat the Market With Your Stock Trades

By following a few simple rules, you can drastically improve the chances your stock trades will be profitable. They may not be fancy, or exciting, but history has shown time and again those that follow these suggestions are more likely to enjoy rich returns.

Stock Trading Technique: How to Use Dividend Changes for Big Capital Gains

Now that you are ready to begin trading stocks, there are some techniques you should learn. One involves making money from changes in a company's dividend policy. If you get it right, you can generate big profits.

Building a Stock Position by Writing Put Options

One great trick to improve your stock trading results is to use put options to have other investors pay you to buy their shares. It's not a joke - you can seriously get other investors to give you money in exchange for promising to buy their stock. This technique has been used by illustrious investors such as Warren Buffett, to lower his cost of Coca-Cola shares.

Using Cash Carry to Pay for Your Stock Trades

Professionals who frequently trade stocks often use a special technique called cash carry to pay for more shares than they could otherwise afford. This allows them to generate higher profits when they are correct, although they risk generating bigger losses if the stock trade turns against them.

How to Use the Buy-Write Stock Trading Strategy to Lower Your Cost Per Share

There is a special type of stock trading method that lets you sell options against your shares at the time you buy them. Your broker will net the cash you earn against the purchase price. When markets are volatile, it's like getting a huge cash rebate on any shares of stock you purchase.

How to Make Money With Bad Companies

One stock trading strategy made popular by Benjamin Graham involved making bets on really bad companies that have terrible earnings but high "earnings leverage". That may not make sense to you now, but if you are serious about learning to trade stocks, you need to learn this technique.

Risk Arbitrage Stock Trading

One of the most profitable stock trading activities is known as risk arbitrage. It involves the buying, shorting, or trading of stock involved in corporate reorganizations, spin-offs, mergers, acquisitions, or other special events. It can be extremely lucrative and, for those who master it, a great way to make money.