Tools for Tracking Your Online Reputation

Alex Belomlinsky / Digital Vision Vectors / Getty Images

Monitoring your online reputation is an important part of protecting the health of your business, even if you don’t actively use social media and other online marketing tools on a regular basis. Your customers and your potential customers are out there talking in public forums online, and if your company is mentioned, you need to know about it so you can determine if, when, and how you should join the conversation.

To help you get started, here are a few tracking tools that will give you the information you need to monitor and protect your online reputation.

  1. BrandsEye - An online monitoring and insights tool that helps businesses track online conversations about their brands.
  2. Brandwatch - A social media monitoring and analytics platform that allows you to collect, analyze and report on your social media data.
  3. BrandYourself - An online monitoring tool that helps users track their selected search results and manage their online reputation. 
  4. Chatmeter - Monitors and notifies you right away of new reviews found on over 20 local search and directory sites.
  5. Google Alerts - A content monitoring service provided by Google that automatically notifies users via email or RSS when new content from news, web, blogs, video, and/or discussion groups matches a set of search terms selected.
  6. Google’s Me on the Web - If you have a Google account, Me on the Web allows you to create alerts so you are notified when your personal data appears on the web. 
  1. Image Raider - An automated reverse-image search tool that allows users to add photos or image catalogues, and get notified if any other websites are using them.
  2. KnowEm - A tool that allows users to check for the use of a brand, product, personal name or username instantly on over 500 popular and emerging social media websites.
  1. Naymz - An online network that helps businesses manage and measure their online reputation, peer assessments, and social influence.
  2. PinAlerts - A search tool that notifies users when someone pins something from a specific website on Pinterest.
  3. Rankur - A social listening tool that monitors social networks, news, and blogs, and provides reports listing online mentions.
  4. - An online reputation management service that has been protecting individuals and businesses since 2006 through a unified dashboard that helps users track all mentions of a company.
  5. Social Mention - A real-time social media search engine that searches user-generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, and videos.
  6. SumAll - A reporting tool that can visualize your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts along with any other service you use.
  7. Topsy - A social search and analytics tool that allows users to conduct interactive analysis on keywords and authors by activity, influence, exposure, sentiment, language or geography.
  8. Trackur - A social media monitoring tool that allows users to track their reputation, news mentions, PR campaigns, employees, and even the competition. 
  1. TweetAlarm - A service that emails users when someone mentions a specific company, product or chosen keywords.
  2. TweetBeep - An online tool that keeps track of Twitter conversations that mention a company or products, and provides hourly updates.
  3. Twitter Search - A search engine that searches information from Twitter to users can see the most recent updates related to any topic.
  4. VendAsta - A tool for businesses that captures what customers are saying and helps companies improve their visibility in local searches.
  5. WhosTalkin - A social media search tool that allows users to search for conversations surrounding the topics that are important to them.

As you get started exploring the tools listed above, review these tips for managing your online reputation so you can protect your business online.