Tracking PPC Lead Conversions for Real Estate

If you're paying for clicks with Google Adwords, you're probably wasting money if you're not tracking conversions to leads.  However, first, you'll need to create special reports or other premium content to offer to get that valuable contact information from site visitors.  Follow that link for more on that topic, but you must have lead generation strategies in place before using conversion tracking.

Google PPC Lead Conversion Capability

Google Adwords Converstion Tracking
Setting Up Conversion Tracking. Jim Kimmons

Google Adwords gives you a tool to track actions when you're actually changing a suspect visitor to your website into an identifiable prospect by capturing their name, email address, and maybe other information.  The most common way to do this, as explained at the link above, is to offer premium content they order for email delivery.  Once they fill in a short form with at least their name and email address, submitting the form takes them to the content.

There are a number of ways to get this done, but I like simplicity.  The easiest way for you to set up conversion tracking is by recording a conversion as simply the arrival at a specific page on the site.  Create a form offering something like a "Your town Market Sold Property Report."  Ask for their name and email address to get immediate access to the report with a follow-up email to make sure they got it.  You can say at the top of the form something like "Get the report immediately by filling out this form."

Sure, you're going to get their contact info when they submit it, so why double up by also tracking the conversion?  You want to know precisely which PPC ad and which key phrase generated this conversion.  This way you can test various ad wording and key phrases and spend your budget wisely on the ones that convert the best.  The image shows the first step in creating a conversion action. 

Setting Up a Google Adwords Conversion Action

Conversion Tracking Info
Jim Kimmons

In the image we see the basic information entered for our example lead tracking item based on a visitor filling out a form to get the special report of sold property closings.

  • Name:  You name this conversion action item.
  • Value:  If you know what a lead is worth to you on average as a commission amount, you can enter it here.  However, I don't track that.
  • Count:  I want all conversions to be counted, as they're not going to come to this page unless they filled out the form and submitted it.
  • Conversion Windows:  I leave this the way Google defaults.
  • Category:  I choose the Lead Category.
  • Optimization :  Again, I leave this with the default setting.  You can read the options and make your own decisions.

Once you've filled in these options, click the done button to move to the last step.

Code to Track Landing Page Arrival

Code for Conversion Tracking
Jim Kimmons

 The image shows the next screen, which is depicting the simplest way to do conversion tracking.  You want to track every arrival on the page offering the link to download the PDF report.  It's a title page with a simple statement like "Click here to immediately download your report as a PDF file."  

This page, if you or your web person wants, can be coded to not be crawled by search engines.  However, it's highly unlikely that people navigating your site will ever see it, as you aren't putting it into any navigation or linking to it in any way.  You simply set up your form to take them to this page when submitted.  When they arrive, their arrival will be recorded as a conversion.

All you or your web person needs to do is to place the code on the page as instructed.  Now every visitor who submits the form will be tracked as a conversion, and that conversion will show up in your statistics next to the ad and the key phrase which brought them to your site from the search.  Now you have the information you need to make better Pay-Per-Click decisions.

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