Top 10 TV Shows, Movies and Books about Media

Learning about the inner workings of media can be as easy as watching a TV show, a movie or reading about the industry. This is your guide to the top 10 TV shows, movies and books about media.

Top 10 TV Shows about Media

A photo of the cast of The Mary Tyler Moore Show
TV newsrooms have undergone a dramatic transformation since the days that Mary Tyler Moore and the gang worked at WJM in Minneapolis. Photo © Getty Images
From The Mary Tyler Moore Show to WKRP in Cincinnati, Murphy Brown to 30 Rock, some of the best-loved TV shows in history are about the media industry. Many shows are comedies, some are dramas, but they all provide a behind-the-scenes look at the operations of TV and radio stations, newspapers and other forms of media. Check out this list to find the TV shows, both classic and contemporary, that will give you an up-close look at media. More

Top 10 Movies about Media

A picture of anchorman Ron Burgundy
The legend of Ron Burgundy lives on. Photo © Getty Images
Anchorman is one of the most recent movies about working in media, but there are plenty of others past and present that should be on the must-see list of any media pro. Whether it's All The President's Men or Broadcast News, each offers a glimpse of the humor and the seriousness that come with working in the media business. Even through the Hollywood dramatic effects, you can still see a real picture of life in electronic, Internet or print media. More

Top 10 Books about Media

Some of the best books about media are those that are written by news reporters themselves. And So It Goes by Linda Ellerbee should be required reading by anyone who wants a career as a news reporter. CNN The Inside Story will take you back in time when the birth of CNN was seen as a risky proposition. Live From New York: The Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live brings the real story behind one of America's most legendary TV shows. Together, this top 10 list of must-reads will provide you with the unvarnished truth of the industry. More

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