Top 20 Tips to Get Hired by Google

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Do you want to work at Google? Almost everyone would love to get a job there.  It's always high on the top employers list. Google is recognized as one of the best companies to work for and is universally considered to be a choice destination for workers.  Only the most qualified candidates will make it through the very selective screening process.

What Google Wants in an Employee

What does Google want in the candidates they hire?

You’ll find plenty of information on Google’s hiring site, but Google sums it up in a few words: “We’re looking for smart, team-oriented people who can get things done.”

Challenges, Leadership, and Smarts

Google looks for employees who can think outside the box and create innovative solutions to problems.  Candidates who have a clear track record for taking on difficult challenges and mobilizing the efforts of others to achieve results will have the greatest appeal.  

If you’re a leader who can proactively advance your agenda, but can also recognize when someone else in the room has a better idea, you will have some of the characteristics the company wants.

You need to be smart. Google recruits employees who have displayed high intelligence and who possess a fascination with developments in technology.  Technical skills such as coding matter for many engineering and programming roles.  

However, Google prefers candidates with broad base knowledge and skills as opposed to individuals with deep expertise in a narrow field.

 Given the rapid rate of change in the tech sector, Google seeks candidates with a passion for learning who can translate new ideas into action.  

Do You Have Googleyness?

Another factor is “Googleyness” – that is what is known as candidate fit.  Are you the right person for the job and for Google? Will you fit in with the company culture?

Do you have what it takes to be a Googler? Candidate fit includes your personal attributes rather than your technical skills and is not as easily quantifiable as your qualifications for the job.

Are you the type person who will comfortably fit in with the rest of the Google team? Read everything you can find online about working at Google to find out if this might be the place for you to work.’s Google Reviews is a good starting point to get insight.

Google's Hiring Process

Once you find a position at Google that interests you, and submit a resume, you will be reviewed by a recruiter, who will contact you if they think you may be a good fit. This initial contact will be followed by a phone interview, and then by an on-site interview with a committee of management and peers. The process can take a few weeks, because Google is very selective in it’s hiring, and takes every measure to be sure of a compatible hire.

Tips for Interviewing at Google
Google takes pride in their companies interesting and diverse workforce. They encourage you to share what makes you unique, and offer excellent advice on what they like and don’t like to see in a resume. Your interview is a key part of the hiring process with Google.

Google follows a behavioral interviewing approach.  This means you will need to be ready to provide examples and anecdotes to back up your resume.  Your interviewers (and expect to meet at least a few of them) will want to know what you have accomplished not what your job was. Be ready to share stories and specific examples of what you’ve done.

Review the list below and identify roles or situations in your past experiences when you have tapped those qualities to generate results.  The closer a match you can make, the better your chances of moving forward in the hiring process.

Top 20 Things That Google Looks for In Candidates 

1. cognitive ability manifested by a capacity to learn

2. Intense curiosity

3. Innovativeness

4. Ability to adapt to change

5. Algorithmic thinking

6. Facility with writing computer code

7. Divergent thinking

8. Statistical analysis skills

9. Ability to mine big data

10. Humility and ability to give credit to others

11. Analytical skills to solve problems

12. Individuals with diverse backgrounds

13. Management style characterized by empowering others

14. Action oriented

15. Demonstrated ability to take on challenges and persist to overcome obstacles

16. Evidence of active leadership with a balance between passionately influencing others and accepting superior ideas of others

17. Candidates who attack problems head-on

18. Evidence of taking ownership and being accountable for projects

19. Collaborative teamwork

20. Comfort with ambiguity

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