Top Tips to Creating an Effective Blog

Blogs have made a grand entrance into the marketing realm. Why? They can be a successful marketing tool if done right.

Blogs have core components that increase their success such as content, distribution, and frequency, but you need more than that to get people to read it.

Popular blogs have one thing in common, an individual voice. A voice will not only gain readers, but it keeps them. Learn how to create your voice using these five blogging tips:

Create a Blog Personality

Blog Personality
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Don't formulate your posts. Let your voice shine through. Give your blog a personality. There are a multitude of blogs online, the question is can you make yours stand out.  If your blog lacks the personality factor it will fail to not only attract a reader but will struggle to sustain them. 

Be Consistent in Your Posts

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Be consistent. Consistency is key, it's not enough to just post whenever you feel like it. It's important to keep a schedule that your readers can get used to. Consider this, if newspapers were only delivered when the delivery man felt like it, readers would drop off quickly. When a reader gets used to a schedule, the look forward to reading your content, if they never know when you are going to post they will quickly forget about you.  Be consistent not only for you but be consistent for your readers.  Let them look forward to when you are going to post something new. 

Keep It Simple

Blog Wrting
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Don't get caught up in the length of your posts. They don't have to belong. They can be random thoughts or tidbits of news regarding your industry. The key is to make them interesting. Longer is not always better, interesting is better.  If you have something to talk about at length, go for it. If you have a quick clip that people will enjoy, go for it.  Don't let the length determine the post, but rather let the interesting factor be the deciding factor when it comes to length. 

Allow Comments

Blog Comments
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Allow comments. You can moderate comments, but comments create the viral effect by allowing your readers to interact with you. You will also want to research and comment on relevant industry related blogs. Comments are tough, they take time to monitor and respond to and sometimes the comments are not always positive, but what comments mean are interaction and engagement.  Without comments, it's difficult to get to know who your readers are and what interests them. 

Focus on Your Title

Blog Title
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Titles draw traffic. Be creative. Not only do they capture the attention of potential readers, but search engines love blog titles. A rule of thumb is to keep your title under ten words. Keep in mind when coming up with your blog title that the title will often either make or break the post. It will either attract readers or detour them.  It's the first impression that you hit a potential reader with.   Your title should be actionable, short, use the keywords you've targeted in the post for search engine marketing, be clear about what the blog post and be interesting.  If you use those guidelines you should do just fine.