Top 10 Tips For When Your Job Search Isn't Working

What can you do when your job search isn't working? Sometimes, all it takes is a jump start to get back on track. In other cases, it may take some hard work including expanding your networking, revamping your resume, looking outside your preferred field or work, and getting professional help with your job search.

Here are tips and advice for what to do when you are sending out your resume and applying for jobs, but not getting interviews, let alone job offers.

Consider Other Job Options

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When you are having difficult finding a job in your current line of work, consider what other jobs you might be able to do. It might not be your first choice, but taking a job for a paycheck can help when unemployment is running out. It can also give you additional experience and can help fill in gaps on your resume. Even if you feel like you're moving down the career ladder, you never know how the job might work out and you could end up with a job you like much better than your last one. More

Get Free Job Search Help at the Library

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Your local public library is an excellent source of job search help. Many libraries offer job search classes and job clubs. In addition to getting help with your job search, you'll also be able to interact with and get support from other job seekers who are struggling to find a job just like you are. Here's how to take advantage of the services offered by your library. More

More Options to Get Job Search Help

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Sometimes, despite your best efforts, what you can do on your own to find a new job isn't enough. You may need a career counselor to help you figure out what you can do differently to get your job search on track. If you need more help, here's how to find free, or inexpensive, resources in their geographic areas including career counselors and coaches. More

Look for Jobs in the Right Places

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Are you looking for jobs in all the right places? Something as simple as not using the right search terms or not using the best job sites can hinder your job search. If you can't find jobs to apply to, your job search isn't going to go anywhere. Here's the best job sites and how to use them effectively. More

Makeover Your Resume

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If your resume includes experience going back twenty or thirty years it needs a makeover. If you are listing how many years of experience you have on your resume, it may need a makeover. If you are including your high school information on your resume it may also need rewriting. Providing too much information, especially if you are an older job seeker, can be a surefire way to knock your resume out of contention. Here's how to revamp your resume so it gets looked at by hiring managers. More

Make Job Search Connections

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It's never too late to build a network of contacts who can help you job search. If your job search isn't working take a look at both your online and in-person network of contacts. Who might be able to help with your job search? If your network is flimsy or non-existent start building it - today. Here are tips for growing and using your career network. More

Try Temping

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When your job search isn't working, working as a temp can be a way to earn a paycheck when you can't find a permanent position, a way to earn extra money, a path to permanent employment, and a way to get resume building experience. Here's information on the types of temp jobs that are available, temp to perm jobs, how to search for temp jobs, tips for working with a temporary agency, and advice on interviewing for a temporary position. More

Unstick Your Job Search

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When your job search is stalled there are ways to unstick it and get back on track. It can be as simple as making sure you are finding the right opportunities to apply to, or as complicated as having to reconsider your career options. Here's what to do when your job search is stuck and you need to get it back on track.

Use Social Networking Sites

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Are you using social networking to get hired? If not, you should be and you're missing out on potential opportunities that you won't find advertised on a job board. More and more employers are using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to recruit employees. In addition, there are Facebook apps and phone apps, you can use to expedite your job search. Here are tips and advice for using social networking sites to boost your job search. More

Think Outside the Job Search Box

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Sometimes, despite your best efforts at applying for jobs, looking for contacts to network with at companies, and doing everything else within your power to get your candidacy noticed, you're stuck. What else can you do? It can take thinking outside the typical job search strategies box and being creative to get the attention of a prospective employer. Here are tips and advice for what to do when networking isn't working. More