Top Ten Books for Writers

Get Your Career Started Right!

Ready to get this career going? Learn with the pros! Here are the Top Ten Books for Freelance Writers.

"The Anti 9-5" by Michelle Goodman

Anti 9-5 by Goodman
A freelance writer's primer to leaving the cube behind!. (c)Seal Press
If your writer hasn't made the leap to freelancing yet, this book will be instrumental in the move. Buy from Amazon

"Writer Mama" by Christina Katz

Writer Mama by Katz
Writer Mama by Katz. (c)F & W
Raise your kids AND get published!

"Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer" by Moira Allen

Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer
Get Started!. (c)Allworth Press

One of the most comprehensive guides to freelance writing out there- focuses exclusively on journalistic writing (newspapers and magazines). Buy from Amazon

"My So-Called Freelance Life" by Michelle Goodman

My So Called Freelance Life
My So Called Freelance Life. (c) Seal Press
By the author of "The Anti 9-5," Michelle Goodman.

"Kick-ass Copywriting in 10 Easy Steps" by Susan Gunelius

Your new copywriting bible!. (c)Entrepreneur Press
Copywriting is a lucrative field- get your share! Buy from Amazon

"On Writing" by Stephen King

On Writing
On Writing by Stephen King. (c)Simon and Schuster
Who better to learn from than the master? Buy from Amazon

The Writers Market

Writer's Market
Writer's Market. (c)Writer's Digest
There's not a magazine writer out there who would not appreciate this gift! (Unless they already have it, in which case, wait for the next release!)

"The Well-Fed Writer" by Peter Bowerman

The Well-Fed Writer
The Well-Fed Writer. (c)Fanove Publishing
Reminding every freelance writer that they are also, in fact, a salesman.

"Only As Good As Your Word" by Susan Shapiro

Only As Good As Your Word
Only As Good As Your Word. (c)Seal Press
Ok, time for the writer to relax. This isn't a book for your reference shelf--it's a memoir that offers an easy, enlightening read and a peek into the life of a famous writer.

"Crafting the Travel Guidebook" by Barbara Hudgins

Crafting the Travel Guidebook
A travel writers companion!. (c)Woodmont Press
Admittedly for a certain niche of freelance writers, but Hudgins' journey to becoming a published travel writer holds a lot of value for new freelancers. Buy from Amazon