4 Apps for Personal Money Management

Plan budgets and track investments with these financial tools

A smiling African American woman with financial reports on table, as she uses a banking app on her mobile phone to manage her money

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Using software to assist in keeping your finances in order is a great way to stay on track. Most financial software will allow you to keep track of income, expenses, and investments. These four personal finance apps will also help you to manage your finances as you pay bills, plan for the future, and save money. They'll help you get your financial house in order. Here are the details.

Quicken Deluxe (for PC and Mac)

A smiling African American woman with financial reports on table, as she uses a banking app on her mobile phone to manage her money

RichVintage / Getty Images

Intuit's Quicken software has been a staple for many people for years, and the Deluxe edition continues to deliver the goods. Quicken allows you to easily track every aspect of your finances, from income, expenses, loans, and your investments.

You can directly connect to your bank or brokerage account to download transactions. The "Bill Tracking" feature allows you to automatically track the due date and amount due for your bills. If you're a Turbo Tax user, you'll also enjoy the simplicity of importing your data from Quicken right into your tax return in Turbo Tax.

The Quicken line of financial software includes the Deluxe, Home & Business, Premier, and Starter Edition versions. Many people will find the Deluxe suits their needs, but you should check the various features of each version to make sure you're getting the one best equipped for your finances.


If you're looking for a good free money management option, look no further than Mint.com. Mint is an entirely online application that allows you to manage and track your expenses from any phone, tablet, or computer.

In addition, Mint seamlessly integrates with most existing bank accounts to easily import your data. The app is free, it automatically updates by linking with your financial institutions, and it provides custom tips for savings and other financial opportunities. You even can get a free credit score through Mint.


Mvelopes is available for iPhone and Android, and also works through their web app.

The app allows you to create an online budget, track your spending, and understand how much you have left to spend. It also helps you to eliminate credit card debt and manage your credit card spending.

Mvelopes connects automatically with your bank account and credit card accounts to gather information and update your budget and goals. There are three paid versions of the app, with various features and benefits. Mvelopes also offers personal one-on-one financial coaching.


WalletHub isn't a full-fledged financial services software package. With WalletHub, you can get free access to your credit scores and full credit report at any time. The app also uses algorithms to help you improve your credit score, find ways to help you save money, and protect you from any unusual activity on your accounts. Signing up for WalletHub is free.