Top Reasons to Give an Employee a Company Cellphone

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Company Cellphones

Actually purchasing a cellphone for an employee is just the first expense in an ongoing stream of costs that will likely accrue going forward. Give the issue some careful thought before you take the leap. Here's a list of considerations to keep in mind as you determine whether the benefit of the cellphone will outweigh the cost.

1. The Mobile Employee

Close-up of hand scrolling down on smartphone. Credit: Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images

Salespeople and executives frequently travel on company business. Travel might be across the country, across the world or just across town. In any case, they must be reachable if they're going to be able to service customers, manage the business and make quick decisions.

In today’s online Internet culture, customers and employees expect rapid responses to their needs more than ever. A cellphone provides this and will give you an advantage over your competition.

2. Safety on the Road

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Service-related businesses have employees on the road all the time. If an employee is constantly traveling in an automobile or another company vehicle, evaluate the areas in which they most frequently travel, such as whether they're urban or rural. Then decide if there is a safety consideration that would be addressed by these employees having cell phones. 

3. Tech Support

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Tech support employees who are on-site may need expert information from another employee. Having a cell phone will allow that employee to quickly establish contact with the right resource. Also, key employees on vacation or business travel may need to be contacted quickly. Having a “general/shared use” company cell phone will establish this contact and help save you money at the same time.

4. On Call After Hours

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Employees who are on call will need to be contacted quickly. For urgent situations, time is critical and a company cell phone will help you contact that employee more immediately. This results in better customer service.

5. Be Careful When Setting a Precedent

Communication in the office. Credit: Thomas Trutschel / Contributor / Getty Images

When you begin allocating company cell phones to employees, it's a safe bet that other employees will start asking for company cell phones, too. If you have a justifiable reason as to why you gave one employee a cell phone and another employee who works under the same conditions and circumstances does not get a company cell, this can create animosity and resentment – not just between employees, but between the employee and you as well. 

6. Need to Save Money on Company Cellphones?

Octopus Cards Ltd. Starts Mobile Payment Services in Hong Kong. Credit: Bloomberg / Contributor / Getty Images

Saving money on cellphone business usage can be quick and easy. Competition among providers is fierce. This is, even more, the case for business cell phone customers. You can take advantage of the current marketplace and save money on cell phone usage in your business with a little research.

Shop around. Call various providers and explain your needs and concerns. Then tell them the price and terms another provider offered you. You might be surprised at how negotiable those costs are. 

By the Numbers

According to the Pew Research Center, 95 percent of Americans owned some type of cellphone in 2017. The majority of them – 77 percent – own smartphones, up from 35 percent in 2011. America has become a right-here-right-now society, accustomed to being able to access what they need with a snap of their fingers. Providing your employees with cells can help you give your customers and clients what they want.