10 Of The Top Paying Tech Careers Right Now

It’s no secret that tech jobs are in demand. According to a recent survey at Glassdoor, 14 of the 25 highest-paying in-demand jobs in 2015 are in technology.

Here are the top ten highest paying tech jobs that made the list.

Computer Hardware Engineer

computer hardware
Chris Parsons

Average base salary: $101,154

A computer hardware engineer oversees the manufacture and installation of computer systems and all sorts of other electronic devices.

Find out more about what it takes to become one here.

QA Manager

Average Base Salary: $101,330

QA stands for “quality assurance.” Essentially, this is the process responsible for testing the product before it goes out to market and make sure it performs as it should.

Many companies nowadays recognize the importance of testing in the development and maintenance process, and have entire teams responsible for testing. Each team has their own role, and QA manager oversees them.

To be a QA manager you’ll need these certifications.

Security Engineer

Average Base Salary: $102,749

Cyber security is huge right now. (Just think about all the recent and recurring news about Internet hacking.)

Companies need to protect their systems, software and other assets. That’s where security engineers come in.

Security engineers focus on the security aspects of designing systems / programs. They create the programs to deal with possible future disruptions -- making it secure to begin with, not just going back later and fixing vulnerabilities after a breach.

Data Scientist

Average Base Salary: $105,395

Data science is a growing field. Companies are now collecting tons of data from users, and they need to analyze it and draw insights from it. The people responsible for this are data scientists.

Data scientists aren't just seen at tech companies or startups. A range of industries are now seeking data science experts. Click here to learn more about what it takes to make a switch into data science. 

Product Manager

Average Base Salary: $113,959

A product manager is in charge of coordinating the teams that design and market a product. While this isn’t a job that requires “tech” skills, per se, it is an integral role at many tech companies.

Get a full list of product manager skills here.

IT Manager

Average Base Salary: $115,725

IT managers plan, coordinate and oversee a company’s technology infrastructure. They also direct the work of other IT employees.

IT managers can work in a range of fields that work with technology. (Which is basically every field nowadays.)

Analytics Manager

looking at data

Average Base Salary: $115,725

Analytics managers fall under the data science umbrella, but fulfill a different role than the scientists. Rather than being responsible for the analysis itself, an analytics manager is responsible for designing business intelligence tools and implementing data analysis solutions.

Solutions Architect

Average Base Salary: $121,522

A solutions architect is responsible for deciding which technologies to use. Job responsibilities can vary, but they work closely with others to ensure solutions and technologies are properly implemented.

They also do a lot of hands-on work with designing and engineering complex software and systems.

Software Development Manager

Average Base Salary: $123,747

As the name implies, this role involves managing software developers and projects.

Oftentimes candidates must have previous project management experience, because a lot of the responsibilities involves project planning, process control, team staffing, and more.

Software Architect

Average Base Salary: $130,891

Software architects are usually experts -- this is not entry-level work. They dictate the standards for software tools, platforms, and coding practices and make the important design choices.

They are a link between a company’s on-the-ground tech unit and the non-technical management.

Software architects need higher-level technical strategy and vision and the ability to think and plan for the long term. The position requires experience and strong communication skills.


While many of the top paying tech careers require years of industry experience, breaking into the tech industry itself does not always mean needing a technical background. With an abundance of educational resources today, it is as easy as ever to move into the booming tech industry.