The Top 8 Mobile Apps for Bargain Hunters

If you've ever typed the word "coupon" into an app store's search field, you know how easy it is to get lost in the dozens of programs that allow you to put your bargain-hunting skills to good use. Although every shopper may have a different favorite among mobile savings apps, I highly recommend the following eight options.

Compare Me

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I'm no mathematician, so when I find two similar items (for instance, juice) of different sizes, I can't tell which is a better bargain unless the retailer lists the unit price. This app does that for you. Simply enter the size and price of your two comparison products, and it tells you which is a better deal. I especially like to use it when I go to warehouse "club" stores to determine whether I'm really saving money on the bulk sizes. ($1.99 -- Apple)


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The days of asking your friends and neighbors to tip you off when they get a good deal on gasoline are over. Simply type in your location and this app will tell you all of the local gasoline prices, including both big companies and smaller mom-and-pop type locations. (Free -- Apple, Android, BlackBerry) More

RetailMeNot Coupons

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I've been a fan of the RetailMeNot website for years thanks to its ability to give me promo codes for online retail purchases -- but the app makes it even easier. Type in the store name and it will give you coupon codes for both in-store and online purchases, and not just at the big retailers. Smaller specialty shops occasionally list promo codes as well. (Free -- Apple, Android) More


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Even frugal shoppers like fine dining -- especially when those delicious meals are offered at a discount. Let the app know your location and it will give you all of the restaurant deals in your area. This app changes from one day to the next, so you'll have a variety of dining options. (Free -- Apple; coming soon for Android)


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This clever app automatically knows when you've entered one of its partner stores (including Target and Toys-R-Us), gives you rewards just for visiting the store, and shows you the deals that each retailer is currently offering. Since I got this app, several stores have been added, which increases the number of rewards I've earned (these can be redeemed for gift cards). (Free -- Apple, Android) More

Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper

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Have you ever watched "Extreme Couponing," the show where people match grocery sales to the coupons so they can get free items? This app will allow you to do the same thing. It cross-references the weekly circulars with available coupons and gives you the deals. It doesn't look fancy or has a lot of bells and whistles, but who needs those if you're getting free groceries? (Free -- Apple, Android) More


The DealLeak App. Photo ©DealLeak

Like many others, I was an early adopter of Groupon, Living Social and Plum District, but after a friend of mine encouraged me to also join Amazon Local and DealFind, it was clear I couldn't keep up with the offers. DealLeak, however, combines them together. Add your zip code and it will tell you the local deals in your area and how to snag them. (Free -- Android)

The Coupons App

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Don't be fooled by the generic name -- this app is very well-rounded. It opens with an announcement about the cheapest gasoline in your area and then allows you to search for other deals based on local shops, national offers, and even holiday specials. (Free -- Apple, Android) More