Top Biggest Producers Of Metal

The 10 Biggest Producers of Individual Metals

Top 10 producers steel
Steel Coated Coils. US Steel

Metal producers account for some of the largest and most profitable companies in the world.

While a list of the world's largest metals companies would include producers from around the globe, the production of individual metals is often regionally focused. For example, the largest copper producers inevitably have major assets in Chile or Mexico, platinum group metal producers are highly concentrated in South Africa, while the majority of large tin refiners are found in East Asia.

Supply concentration in the international base metals market is reflected by the likes of BHP Billiton and Anglo American; large, diversified metal producers that show up on multiple Top 10 Producer lists.

The production of refractory and minor metals is more disperse, with much production and refining done by privately held companies, which also makes production statistics more difficult to come by.

Below are lists of the largest producers of various metals. Lists are compiled based on physical production of each metal (unless otherwise noted), and not on any commercial valuation (e.g. sales, revenues, market capitalization).


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