Top 10 LGBTQ Jobs

Top 10 LGBTQ Jobs

From non-profits to private companies to government agencies, there are many ways to find a job that's involved with LGBTQ issues. Image Copyright Stuart Dee / Getty Images

Whether you identify as gay or you're an ally, there are a wide range of ways in which you can make LGBTQ issues your life's work. 

From civil rights organizations to adoption agencies, wedding chapels to community centers, there are many places and positions you can work, while also making a positive change in the fight for civil rights.

Here are a look at some of the best jobs related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer issues.

Gender and Sexuality Therapist

Some psychologists with their own private practices work primarily with gay and transgender patients. Mecky / Getty Images

Many psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists work specifically with lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender patients.

LGBT therapists counsel patients about issues related to their sexuality. Gender identity therapists work with transgender clients, helping them figure out the emotional and psychological aspects of their transitions.

In addition, sometimes family psychologists work specifically with same-sex families or couples.

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Events Organizer/Promoter

If you're a people person who is business-minded but also loves a good time, event production might be a good field for you. Image Copyright Brendan Thorne / Getty Images

There are gay pride events all over the world, from San Francisco’s iconic summer celebration, to Sydney, Australia’s legendary Mardi Gras, to the San Paolo’s people-packed parade that is estimated to be the largest in the world, attracting more than two million partiers each year.

In addition to these types of annual celebrations, many cities host monthly, or weekly, events for queer people, from club nights to cocktail hours to business luncheons.

All of these events require extensive organization and promotion, leading to a variety of jobs in event planning and production.

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Civil Rights Lawyer

Dana Nessel, a civil rights lawyer, answers press questions after fighting for same-sex marriage in court. Image Copyright Bill Pugliano / Getty Images

The legal web weaving through the gay community is a complex one. From state and national laws relating to same-sex marriage and adoption, to the movement against employment discrimination, to the campaign for transgender rights, there are a multitude of legal issues affecting the queer community - and thus a need for lawyers to fight these battles.

While some civil rights lawyers work for private firms, others are employed by organizations like Lambda Legal or the ACLU.

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Communications Specialist

There are opportunities in public relations, marketing, advertising and media strategy at many LGBTQ organizations. Image Copyright AMV Photo / Getty Images

The LGBTQ-equality movement has gained a distinguished voice in the media, and many organizations, from local, grassroots efforts to the high-profile Human Rights Campaign, hire communication specialists to help craft their campaigns.

There are many opportunities for media professionals, in fields spanning public relations, marketing, advertising, press strategy, and event production.

In addition, individuals with experience in the LGBTQ movement tend to be in especially high-demand during election season, when politicians look to appeal to different groups of people.

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Non-Profit Employee

From data entry to accounting, graphic design to human resources, there are jobs at LGBTQ-advocacy non-profits all around the country. Image Copyright Buero Monaco / Getty Images

There are many non-profit organizations dedicated to LGBTQ issues, including same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption, workplace equality, and transgender rights.

These groups exist on the city, state, national and even international level, and thus there are a wide range of different employment opportunities available - from entry-level positions to managerial roles.

Organizations range from independent, locally-run groups, like MassEquality in Boston, to national institutions like GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign, which also operate state-specific offices in addition to their national headquarters. Some international NGOs, like Amnesty International, are also involved in efforts related to LGBTQ issues abroad.

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Queer Studies Professor

If you're a life-long student interested in academia, pursuing an advanced degree in the study of sexuality might be a good option for you. Image Copyright Matin Barraud / Getty Images

Through their sociology, psychology, political science and English departments, any colleges and universities offer courses related to sexuality and gender studies. Obtaining a post-graduate degree, either a M.A. or a pH.D, in one of these fields open up professional opportunities in academia.

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Youth Counselor

Those with a background in psychology or social work and an interest in helping troubled youth might consider employment at a LGBTQ community center. Image Copyright Richard Clark / Getty Images

In most cities, there are LGBTQ community centers that serve as a point of union for gay people in the surrounding areas. Many of these organizations offer important services for adolescent and teenaged queer people, who may be experiencing difficulty in coming out at home or in school. 

For people interested in psychology and social work, finding a job as a youth counselor can be a fulfilling opportunity to do meaningful work.

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LGBTQ News Writer/Reporter

If you're a news junkie who's well-versed in the gay community, you might consider working as a journalist. Cavan Images / Getty Images

There are many news outlets that cater specifically to the gay community: from Huffington Post Gay Voices to The Advocate, Autostraddle to Pink News

In addition, in many cities around the world there are print and online periodicals dedicated to connecting queer communities. 

While the market for this media is relatively small, there are still employment opportunities for LGBTQ individuals with a background in journalism and writing. 

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Same-Sex Marriage Officiant

More and more states are legalizing gay marriage, increasing the demand for same-sex wedding services. Image Copyright Rob Melnychuk / Getty Images

As more and more states legalize gay marriage, same-sex marriage officiants are in increasingly high demand. While some ministers are specifically affiliated with a church or religious organization, others are non-denominational practitioners who have obtained their ordination independently.

Although many online organizations offer certification programs for individuals looking to become marriage officiants, before paying for any program you should research to make sure that it is legitimate and that its accreditations are accepted in the state where you want to work.

Adoption Agent

Adoption agents in both private firms and government organizations assist same-sex couples in starting a family. Image Copyright Angela Cappetta / Getty Images

Most individuals who work at adoption agencies are social workers who have an advanced Master of Social Work degree, or have a background in adoption law.

Adoption caseworkers help families through the extensive legal hulahoops, financial burdens and potential emotional stress associated with adopting a child.

Some adoption counselors work in government agencies, while others work with private adoption agencies. Most adoption agents who work specifically with same-sex couples looking to start a family are employed at private agencies that are experienced with the complicated laws of same-sex adoption. 

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