Top iOS Apps for Tracking Savings Goals

Top 4 Savings Goal Tracking Apps for iPhone and iPad

2014 best iOS apps for tracking your savings.
2014 Best iOS Savings Tracking Apps.

Four apps make the top list of iPhone and iPad apps that track savings goals. These apps do savings calculations and track multiple goals, like saving for a car, a vacation, holiday gifts or anything else. Enter the amounts you are squirreling away for your savings and the apps motivate by tracking and showing you progress toward those goals.

The best iOS savings goal tracking apps are:

  • SmartyPig
  • FoundMoney
  • Save.Calc
  • Urge



The SmartyPig app for iOS makes the list again this year for best apps for tracking your savings. Use the app along with a SmartyPig savings account and debit card, then use the app to set up savings goals and an automatic savings plan.

View your savings goal details using the app on your iPhone or iPad and you'll be able to see how much you've saved so far and the percentage of the goal that has been fulfilled. You an also view when the next deposit is scheduled to be placed in your SmartyPig account, where the money for contributions will come from (your checking account, for example), the amount of interest earned, and what information you have set to share publicly or keep private. The public and private settings are important because you can link your account to Twitter and Facebook to announce your goals and to reply in conversations that start with those posts. 

Other SmartyPig iOS app features include:

  • Add money to your savings goals.
  • Transfer funds between goals
  • View transaction history, balance of contributions to each goal.
  • Receive get account activity notifications.
  • View SmartyPig Cash Rewards debit card balance and transactions made with the card.
  • Move money to the debit card from your savings goals, or from another bank account.


FoundMoney iOS App
FoundMoney iOS App.

Use the FoundMoney app on your iOS device to get quick tips on where find savings at stores and restaurants you frequent, then see the amount of your savings as it adds up. You could then stash the amount you saved into your savings or investment account. The app is easy to use and you can share seeds - that is, where you found savings - just as you can view seeds others send.

The beauty of FoundMoney is that it doesn't really require you to make any changes to save money. Just search for the stores in your area to find the savings. It is, however, up to you to put the saved money saved into an account since this app does not have a way to transfer those funds.

Save.Calc Savings Goal Calculator for iOS

SaveCalc for iOS is a savings calculator.
SaveCalc for iOS.

If you are looking for a savings calculator for your iPhone or iPad and you don't need to track savings on your device, consider installing Save.Calc. This simple app quickly switches between four calculations: monthly amount you'll need to save to reach a savings goal, how long you'll need to save for, settings for interest rate, and amount of ending balance. Use sliders to change values in any of these four areas to see how computation results change in remaining areas.

Urge Savings Goal App for iPhone

Urge app for iOS tracks savings.
Urge for iOS.

Urge, which was also included in my 2013 picks for best iOS savings tracking apps, works on the premise that every time you walk away from spending on an unnecessary item, the amount you would have spent is recorded as funds toward one or your savings goals.

Set up one or more savings goals and then enter the amount you don't spend each time you walk away from an impulse buy. Urge keeps track of your total and progress being made toward meeting each goal.

There's a free version of this app, or for $1.99 you can set up bank transfers. Check the list of banks Urge has support for before buying.

  • Cost: Free, or $1.99 with bank integration
  • Urge app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Requires iOS 4.0 or higher