Home Inventory Apps for Android

Apps make keeping a home inventory easier than ever

Keeping a comprehensive and accurate home inventory is important for backing up insurance claims, and it can be useful for tracking your net worth. Using your Android phone or tablet to take photos of your belongings is easy, and in many cases you can add details like serial numbers, purchase amounts, and descriptions. All you need is a home inventory app.

I've listed the features and prices for a few Android apps for managing your personal inventory. Another great use for these apps is to create a file called "Documents," then store snapshots of important documents like insurance policies, receipts, and financial statements. 

Encircle: Home Inventory

Encircle: Home Inventory app on and Android phone.
Encircle: Home Inventory Android App Encircle

This app looks very slick and has some useful features that many others don't share. You can select a room in your home, take pictures, then add information for inventory items. Enter the model and/or serial number for each piece of property and Encircle will pull support/customer service and parts and accessory information into the app for easy reference. The app also checks for product recalls. You can compare total value of assets to your insurance coverage.

You can also sync data with the online app so you never have to worry about backing up your inventory. Then you can search for information relevant to inventory items online through the app. 

Encircle is free and you can download it from Google Play at Encircle: Home Inventory

Home Inventory Organizer

Set up your home inventory on your Android phone or tablet.
Home Inventory Organizer for Android. Home Inventory Organizer for Android SmartWare Inc

Home Inventory Organizer is developed and offered by SmartWare Inc. It collects both item photos and receipt photos. You can view inventory items with photos from a list or by room. The room list is customizable so you can add or modify room names, and you can search for items. You can even email or print out your home inventory, and easily backup and restore your data.

Home Inventory Organizer used to be free, but now there's a paid version. The paid version offers a few additional features. It has the capacity to store serial numbers and it will note where you purchased the item, as well as any additional comments you might want to include for each. The "Lending Record" keeps track of items in your inventory that you loan to others.

The paid version costs only $2.50, a real bargain for all this app does. You can download Home Inventory Organizer from Google Play at Full Version Home Inventory Organizer

Magic Home Inventory

This app is developed by Robert Papp and it's also free, which is a real bargain because it includes a custom camera for photographing your items. You can sort your possessions by 15 categories, and there's even an advanced search feature and a sunburst chart that will give you a visual overview of all items you've inventoried. 

This app has gotten a lot of great reviews, so who knows if it will remain free forever? It requires Android 2.3.3 or later and you can download it at Magic Home Inventory on Google play.

Upgrade Your Spring Cleaning

Download and try one of these apps the next time you roll up your shirtsleeves to tidy up and organize your home. You never really know when a comprehensive list of all you own can come in really handy. If you're moving, you can use these apps as you pack then unload so you keep track of what you placed in which boxes and where the items ended up. It takes a lot of stress out of the process. And when they're free or available at really negligible cost, there's really no reason not to use them.