Top 4 Home Inventory Apps for Android

Apps Make Keeping a Home Inventory Easier Than Ever

Keeping a home inventory is important for backing up insurance claims and can also be useful for tracking your net worth. Using your Android phone or tablet to take photos of belongings is easy, and you can add details like serial numbers, purchase amounts and descriptions using a home inventory app. I've listed the features and prices for each of the best Android apps for managing your personal inventory below. Another great use of these apps is to create a room called Documents, then store snapshots of important documents like

To understand how to use an app to record your home inventory, read How to Choose and Use Home Inventory Software. This article is about desktop personal inventory software and keeping a home inventory online, but the information can easily be applied to using an app.

Encircle: Home Inventory

Encircle: Home Inventory app on and Android phone.
Encircle: Home Inventory Android App Encircle

Developed by Encircle, this app looks very slick and has some useful additional features noted below.

  • Select a room, take pictures, then add information for inventory items.
  • Enter model and serial number for items, and Encircle pulls in support/customer service and parts and accessory information into the app for easy reference, and checks for product recalls.
  • Sync data with online app, never worry about backing up your inventory.
  • Search for information relevant to inventory items online through the app.
  • Compare total value of assets to your insurance coverage.
Cost: Free
Download from Google Play: Encircle: Home Inventory

III Inventory / Know Your Stuff for Android

Know Your Stuff app
III Inventory / Know Your Stuff for Android Insurance Information Institute

Offered by the Insurance Information Institute. Listed in Google Play app store as III Inventory, but is called Know Your Stuff in the app description.

  • Synchronize home inventory data from your Android device to the Know Your Stuff online app.
  • Inventory is stored for free on a secure server and is password protected (lose your device, you don't lose your data).
  • Print from online app.
Cost: Free
Download from Google Play: Know Your Stuff Android app

Home Inventory Organizer

Set up your home inventory on your Android phone or tablet.
Home Inventory Organizer for Android. Home Inventory Organizer for Android SmartWare Inc

Developed by SmartWare Inc.

  • Item photo and receipt photo.
  • View inventory items with photos from a list or by room.
  • Room list is customizable, add or modify room names.
  • Email or print your home inventory.
  • Search for items.
  • Backup and restore your data.

The paid version adds these features:

  • Add serial numbers, where purchased and notes for each item inventoried.
  • Lending Record for items from your inventory that you loan to others.

Cost: Free to try (note features not included above) / $2.50 for the full version
Download from Google Play: Free Home Inventory Organizer / Full Version Home Inventory Organizer