Defensive Driving Courses in New York

Take Online Driving Classes and Save Money on New York Car Insurance

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According to MSN, the average auto insurance rate for New Yorkers in 2011 was $1,651. While that makes the Empire State rate at only the 21st highest in the US, which is no chump change. There are many ways to save on car insurance, but selecting less than the minimum coverage options is not one you should consider. Instead, why not take a class? No, you will not get reduced rates by taking a crocheting course at the local rec center, but you can get a break if you successfully complete one of the many state-approved courses designed to make you a safer driver.

In addition to saving you some money, taking a defensive driving course also has the obvious benefit of making you less of a danger to yourself and others when you are on the road.

How much can you save?

Successful completion of an approved course will get you a 10% reduction for three years from the base rate of your current liability, no-fault, and collision premiums; this could mean hundreds of dollars in savings for some drivers. "The accident prevention course (also) gives you a 4 point credit as you accumulate points to 11 points and license suspension," writes NY attorney Joe Cifarelli on his website. "Contrary to what some may think, the course does not erase the 4 points or any convictions from your record." In other words, you will save the money and give yourself more wiggle room on the points, should you need them -- sounds like a no-brainer.

Improv Defensive Driving Online

Although Daniel Tosh may or may not agree, there is nothing funny about a car accident. That does not mean you cannot get a few laughs out of learning how to prevent one. Improv's course costs only $39.95, and it's all done online. Warning: If you take this or any course using a mobile device, please park your car first. The combination of guffaws and decreased attention increases the likelihood of an accident.

While some people enjoy learning in a classroom setting, this is an excellent option for those who have neither the will nor the time to do so.

Improv's "edutainment" approach uses familiar improv comedy bits to present the approved driving curriculum. It is unlikely that upon completion of the course, you will have the ability to riff on the joys of eating haggis to the strains of Rogers & Hammerstein á la Wayne Brady, but you will receive the necessary certification to receive benefits.

American Safety Council New York Defensive Driving Course

If the Improv's course is the Colin Mochrie of defensive driving education, this course is more like Ben Stein. It makes the list, though, because the American Safety Council has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a proven record of providing robust and reliable e-learning courses, so you should have no worries over privacy, security, complicated questions, or browser conflicts.

At $34.50, it seems as though what you save on laughs translates to cash as well. For your money, you get a "completion certificate, free shipping, and electronic reporting to the NYS DMV." All the courses mentioned in this article provide the same services, so put off that happy dance for another occasion.

This is a great no-nonsense option for those who want to learn how to be a better and safer driver directly from reliable experts.

AAA New York Defensive Driving

Good Ol’ American Auto Association, fixing our flat tires, replacing our batteries, and scoring us discounts on waffles since we first earned the privilege to drive legally. Among the many, many things this venerable institution provides is -- wait for it -- defensive driving courses. Not only does AAA NY offer online and real-world classroom courses and real-time assistance from "driving specialists," but members can take the online course for the low, low price of $31.45 (non-members pay $34.95) or the classroom course for just $32 ($39 for non-members).

Since many individuals prefer to learn directly from a teacher and ask questions in real-time, the classroom course provides a cost effective way of doing so.

Drive On

For the price of a few rolls of sushi, you can save enough to dine on fugu at Morimoto. If you take those kinds of risks, you could probably do with the four-point credit, too. Be safe, enjoy the road, and don't let your policy lapse.