2015 - Top 5 Countries That Import U.S. Products

Canada Tops the List With Automobiles, Accessories and Parts

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The U.S. literally exports trillions of dollars' worth of manufactured goods, services, natural resources and other products to other countries every year. The country set a record in 2013 when it shipped almost $2.3 trillion in products across our borders and overseas. Exports generate jobs and contribute significantly to our economic growth. Here's what other nations are eager to buy from the U.S. and which of them import the most.


What Do We Export? 

As the world's second largest export economy, second only to China, the U.S. is constantly working to export goods and services, including refined petroleum, motor vehicles, planes, helicopters, and/or spacecraft, vehicles and vehicular parts, and pharmaceuticals. 

​Five countries consistently top the list for the highest number of U.S. goods and services that are shipped to them.

Top 5 Countries That Import U.S. Goods

According to the most recent data available from the U.S. Census Bureau and other U.S. government sources, the five countries import the largest number of purchases from the U.S. Considering the geography, no one should be shocked that Canada is the number one importer of U.S. goods, but the vast array of the types of products being shipped to these countries does surprise many of those not familiar with U.S. foreign trade trends.

  • Canada: Even with the global automotive industry in decline, the top U.S. product imported by Canada is usually automotive-related, including accessories and parts. Machinery and electronic equipment usually come next, with oil and plastics, medical and technical equipment, and air crafts bringing up the rest of the list. Canada imported $280 billion dollars' worth of U.S. goods in 2015, the last year for which detailed statistics are available. That amount represents 18.6 percent of the United States' overall exports.
  • Mexico: With all the media attention that U.S. trade with China receives, it may come as a surprise that Mexico still imports more U.S. goods and services than the far more populous country of China. In 2015, Mexico imported $236.4 billion worth of U.S. goods, including machinery, electronic equipment and – like Canada – automotive-related goods.
  • China: China comes in a distant third in importing of U.S. goods, lagging behind Canada and Mexico. China’s number one import is usually aircraft and computer accessories, parts and peripherals. Part of this is related to the computer assembly industry, but it also includes sales to Chinese retailers and end-users. The import of US products amounted to $116.2 billion or 7.7 percent of the United States' overall exports in 2015. 
  • Japan: Typically, the primary import of American goods to Japan is civilian aircraft, but medical and technical equipment also equal about the same amount in the types of products exported to Japan from the US. Machinery and electronic equipment follow suit, with $62.5 billion or 4.2 percent of overall exports from the U.S. in 2015.
  • United Kingdom: The aviation industry turned to the international market when the U.S. travel market began experiencing tough times. Like Japan, the U.K.’s primary import from “across the pond” was civilian aircraft. Following this were chemicals and primary resources, such as metal for manufacturing, then electronic equipment and pharmaceuticals. In 2015, America's exports to the U.K. amounted to $56.4 billion or 3.8 percent of the United States' overall exports.