Top Business Consulting Franchises

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Providing consulting services to businesses can be a lucrative opportunity. If you're interested in becoming a consultant but don't know where to start, you're not out of luck.  Nationwide, there are consulting franchises available to assist you with everything from basic training to sales and marketing support.

Buying into a consulting franchise also grants you access to established support services and other proprietary tools.

While franchising does come with a price tag, the initial start up costs and ongoing royalty fees are typically modest. Savings are also realized because consulting franchises can usually be run from home, as opposed to investing in a large amount of overhead for office space.

Using a professional consulting service can save you a good deal in overhead costs and prevent typical startup mistakes and losses. With a proven business model and name recognition, you can hit the ground running and begin making money. 

With that in mind, be sure to research each option on your own and make sure you understand the contracts and royalty fees. By going into the deal with plenty of knowledge, you'll be able to make a smart decision and minimize the risk of losing money. 

Check out these top business consulting franchises:

Coaching and Business Management Consulting Franchises

Financial and Investment Consulting Franchises

  • Blue Coast Financial
    Financial services, savings plans and consulting services for small to midsize businesses
  • Business Advisers International
    Provides consulting, mentoring, facilitation, and training services for businesses
  • Century Small Business Solutions
    Accounting and business counseling
  • Padgett Business Services
    Financial/accounting, payroll, and tax consultation, and general business consulting for small businesses

Franchising Consulting Service

Marketing Consulting Franchises

  • United Marketing Solutions
    Consulting with small businesses on advertising, marketing and direct mail solutions and services

Property and Management Consulting Franchises

  • Bridge Business and Property Brokers Inc.
    Business/commercial brokerage, mergers and acquisitions, and financing consulting services for businesses
  • Commercial Property Consultants (CPC)
    Business/commercial brokerage consulting services for businesses

Sales and Training Consulting Franchises

Technology Consulting Franchises

  • AIS Media, Inc.
    Certified provider of high-demand e-commerce and Internet solutions to businesses
  • Expetec Technology Services
    Provides technology-focused consulting services and includes mobile, on-site, high-level technology products, primarily in the small to medium B2B sector