The Top 6 Construction News Sites

Where should you go to get your construction news?

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Is there anything new under the sun in the construction industry? Indeed, there is. Innovation and evolution are both actively affecting the sector. This comes as a surprise to many on the outside of the business of building, for whom the image of construction is limited to workers, wheelbarrows, cement mixers and cranes. Yet scratch the surface and you’ll find a wealth of news on construction design, technology, business and human interest that rivals many other industries.

Be Selective in Your Supply of Information

What do you want to know about? The field is wide open. You can choose between market information, major project news, advances in construction software tools and equipment, construction financial solutions, recruitment possibilities and updates to health and safety regulations. Construction topic blogs are a further option. But the operative word is “choose.” Work still has to get done and revenue has to come in, so being selective makes sense too. Consider a two-tier solution to keeping up to date:

  • Priority level. The vital or priority info you must get to be safe, compliant and competitive. This may mean just a handful of key sites you visit frequently and regularly to make sure you keep up to date. Better still, they may offer newsletters or email alerts to keep you in the swim.
  • Informational level. New materials, tools or work methods that could boost your productivity, and trends in the market, customer expectations, and employment that you can align with to maintain or improve your profitability. Check these web sites from time to time. If you see the same topic come up again the next time you look, it’s a fair bet that you should drill down further to see how it might affect your business.

    Key Construction News Site Categories

    The following six categories will together give good coverage of what is going on in the construction industry.

    1. Construction safety regulations. A URL like combines reference information with news items about changes in regulations and safety-related events in the UK.
    1. Financial information for contractors. Online news here will relate to changes in accounting standards and taxation. Some sites can also give you benchmark information to see how your company is performing compared to the rest of the sector. Examples, respectively, are and (for benchmarking.)
    2. Construction market information. Where you go for construction market news will depend on the size of your company, where you operate and any specialized services you offer. North American construction businesses can dip into the digital magazine at, whereas Indian contractors will find their local news at .
    3. Construction equipment and materials. For keeping up to date with the latest rough terrain forklifts and crawler dozers, try . An example of a specialist news site for a given material is (for concrete, of course.)
    4. Construction management and methods. offers a range of newsletters (US market) on construction management themes, including risk management, construction insurance, and workplace management.
    1. General construction news. While more specialized sites help to keep you focused, a general construction news site can help to alert you to general trends or important news you might otherwise have missed. For one of the broadest coverages on the net, try which has the added advantage of giving you immediate digests for each headline as you mouse over it.