These Big Companies Are Hiring Remote Workers

FlexJobs Picks Top Companies for Work-at-Home Jobs

At the beginning of each year FlexJobs, a job search site for people who are looking for flexible work opportunities like telecommuting, part-time, and freelance jobs, publishes 100 Top Companies With Remote Jobs. This annual list includes employers who they expect to have an abundance of work-at-home opportunities over the next 12 months. The site bases its prediction on the number of remote-friendly jobs the employers posted over the past year.

According to FlexJobs, "remote job listings increased 11 percent from 2015 to 2016, and 52 percent in the last two years, signaling sustained and solid growth in remote job listings.” This is good news for individuals who want to telecommute. People choose to work from home for a variety of reasons. Some simply don't want to waste time and money commuting to work. Others would rather work from home, at least some of the time, because of family responsibilities. There are yet others who prefer to work in solitude.

Telecommuting isn't for everyone. You must be self-motivated and very focused to succeed at this endeavor. Most jobs, particularly those in which there is interaction with customers, require a quiet work environment with few distractions. You may need your own computer and telecommunications equipment for some of these jobs, while employers provide it for others.

The nine employers below, from the FlexJobs 2017 list, hire workers in a variety of occupations. Some of these jobs require just a high school diploma while you need a bachelor's or more advanced degree for others. Included is a link to the career section of each employer's website. When you arrive at each site, look for an FAQ that will explain how to search for remote, telecommuting, or work-at-home jobs. If you don't see an FAQ, find the advanced search option where you can specify one of those terms.


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Amazon hires remotes workers, but only in some regions. If you live in one of them, you may have the opportunity to work for this gigantic online retail pioneer without having to commute to one of its facilities.

There are hourly positions in customer service that pay $10 per hour and require a high school or equivalency diploma. Other jobs require an advanced degree and come with higher earnings. More


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Appen employs remote social media and web search evaluators. You must commit to working a certain number of hours per day, and days per week, including one weekend day. You may be required to have social media accounts and a minimum number of friends or followers, depending on the client with whom you are assigned to work.

Reviews by current and former remote workers published on reports are mostly positive. Those employees reveal earnings of around $13 per hour. One thing to keep in mind is that remote workers are contracted to complete specific projects, and therefore the work may not be steady. 


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VIPKID hires "teachers" to instruct Chinese students in the English language. You don't have to be a certified teacher to get this job, but you do need a bachelor's degree. The employer will expect you to be available at least seven and a half hours a week to teach students one-on-one. 

Classes are each 30 minutes long, and teachers receive $7 to $11 for each session ($14-22 per hour). Since these are contract positions, you will only be paid when you teach.

Contracts last for six months and are renewable. You will be allowed to take time off from work but you must give two weeks notice when doing so. You may be eligible for a raise when renewing your contract.

Hilton Worldwide

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Hotel giant Hilton Worldwide hires work-at-home reservation sales. You must be able to work nights, weekends, and holidays.

Excellent customer service, verbal communication, sales ability, and computer skills are essential. One year customer service experience and at least a high school diploma or a GED are required. A bachelor's degree is preferred.

These positions pay about $9 per hour plus performance incentives. This brings the hourly pay up to, according to the company, $11-$14. Completely paid training is delivered virtually. Benefits include a 401K, a travel plan, health insurance (full-time employees only), and paid time off. More

LanguageLine Solutions

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LanguageLine Solutions hires phone and video interpreters to work from home. They need people with proficiency in English and another language, cultural sensitivity, excellent speaking skills in both languages, and exceptional customer service skills. The company provides training online and over the phone.

Remote workers may be employees of the company or independent contractors. Expect to work 20, 30, or 40 per week depending on the schedules available for your language.

According to Glassdoor, the typical salary for an over-the-phone interpreter is $10.94 per hour. Reviews on both that site and ​ are not stellar. Reviewers complain that salaries are low in comparison to the work and the employer's expectations. More

Kelly Services

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Kelly Services is a staffing agency that has operated since the mid-1940s. This company places both remote and in-house workers with clients. You can find work-at-home positions in a variety of occupations. Both temporary and direct-hire jobs are available.

Salaries and requirements differ from job to job. Although these are considered "work-at-home" opportunities, many require their remote workers to travel. More

UnitedHealth Group

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UnitedHealth Group hires telecommuters for a variety of jobs and, according to the company website, other onsite employees have the option of working from home one or two days per week. 

This healthcare company hires registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, social workers, IT professionals, and others for in-house or remote positions. UnitedHealth Group states that customer service and claims representatives have to "earn the ability to work from home once you've met some established criteria."

Bilingual ability is required for some jobs, and many nursing positions stipulate that you must have a license to practice in a particular state. The company says they base salaries on position, qualifications, and skills. Comprehensive benefits are available.


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Kaplan, a world-renowned education provider, hires instructors to teach online courses. They also employ other remote workers. Instructors need expertise in their subject areas, as well as demonstrated teaching skills. Prior teaching experience is preferred. Qualifications vary for other positions.

Part-time and full-time jobs are available. The company provides training. According to Glassdoor, instructors earn about $22.95 hourly.  More


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Health insurance company Cigna has jobs specifically for telecommuters and, according to information on their website, even those jobs that don't specify a work-from-home option may allow one or two days of telecommuting.

Cigna hires work-at-home health care professionals, IT specialists, customer service representatives, and project managers. Pay varies by position.

The company offers medical and dental benefits to which employees contribute but, ironically, reviews on both Indeed and Glassdoor indicate that employees are unhappy with them because of both cost and quality. Other benefits include life insurance, paid time off, a 401K, performance bonuses, and stock options. More