Top 7 Coffee Geek Gadget Gifts For 2015 - From $6 to $14,000

In 2015 Coffee Equipment and Merch Master Unique Form With Amazing Function

As coffee fans learn the finer points of tasting and begin to geek out with home roasting, so grows the assortment of incredibly fun, professional-quality coffee making, roasting and drinking equipment and accessories for the home.

2015 is the year of major craft coffee company acquisitions and really cool housewares for making and drinking coffee.

These 7 products I discovered at the Specialty Coffee Association conference — make the perfect gifts, starting at $6 all the way up to $14,000...for the coffee freak who'd rather have a train roaster than a model train.

The Model Train Coffee Roaster For the Coffee-Lover Who Has Almost Everything

Proaster train shaped home coffee roaster
Forget the model trains - this train shaped home coffee roaster roasts commercial quality coffee. Proaster

This coffee roaster shaped like a train is a pretty spectacular gift — at the price of a compact car — even for those minimalists who are over collecting "toys."

The Proaster Train Coffee Roaster is a professional quality coffee roaster for the home.

It's not just adorable. The coffee roaster has a dual roasting system which allows for both light and dark roasting and is designed to quickly reach optimal temperature. Professional roasters commented that this roaster does produce an exceptional roast.

The website may say the train roaster is out of stock. Do not be deterred! Contact the company to score your $14,000-ish coffee roaster.

La Marzocco Home Espresso Machine - Make Espresso Like the Pros

La Marzocco Home Espresso Machines at SCAA
La Marzocco Home Espresso Machines. Susie Wyshak

La Marzocco is the industry standard espresso machine for exacting baristas and coffee roasting cafes.

Attendees at the 2015 Specialty Coffee Association conference were abuzz over La Marzocco's new home versions of the commercial machines: the Linea Mini and La Marzocco GS3.

The Linea Mini’s design echos the commercial machines, which have been a fixture in the specialty coffee movement since the 1990s. The Linea Mini increases your chance of espresso and cappucino perfection with features for espresso shot consistency and the ability to steam while you brew.

The machine also comes in four color options, and the the GS3 has customization features. The stock model comes with two steam wand and dual boilers. Can you say coffee party?

Chemex Glass Coffee Mug

Chemex glass coffee mug with glass handle
Chemex glass coffee mug - a thing of beauty to coffee geeks. Susie Wyshak

The Chemex Glass Coffee Mug is made for serious coffee fans — just look at that museum-quality design. Made out of the same heat-resistant glass as Chemex coffee makers, invented in 1941, the mug has so many possibilities: drip separately then sip from the mug? Make a single coffee directly into the mug?

I was walking around the Specialty Coffee Association industry trade show, and people from all walks of the coffee industry stopped me to ask about it. Fans went wild when I posted Instagram pics of my cappucino glowing through the glass.

At around $16 you can't go wrong gifting this baby.

Blue Bottle Coffee Coloring Book - Perfect for Dads Who Dare Not to Care

Blue Bottle Coffee coloring book
Blue Bottle Coffee coloring book - the ultimate in childish adult fun. Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee commissioned its production artist, Michelle Ott, to illustrate R is for Rosetta, which, Blue Bottle says, “we feel is the essential coloring book for the coffee industry.”

Picture having your favorite coffee, a few colored pencils and this coffee coloring book. Pretty much the perfect way to spend time with kids or with yourself. Over a cup of coffee.

The Perfect Thermal French Press for Traveling - Espro

ESPRO® Travel Press coffee maker
ESPRO® Travel Press coffee maker frees coffee lovers to roam. Espro

Thanks to Kickstarter, coffee lovers soon have a complete coffee bar at your fingertips, wherever you go. Espro's travel mugs are first and foremost portable French presses — designed so the coffee grounds stop steeping when the time is right.

The team behind the 10-year-old Espro designed their travel mugs with adventure in mind: the tumblers are leak proof and heat sealed to ensure you can have that perfect morning cuppa from just about anywhere.

This clever coffee maker won Best New Product - Non-Electric Consumer at the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) 2015 show

Looking for something richer and smoother than a French press? Espro also offers a specialized paper insert for those looking for a pourover on the go. Beyond coffee, it’s also equipped for loose leaf tea. It boasts a unique two-step micro-filtering process to provide an unbelievably clean tea drinking experience.

Aeropress - Better Than a French Press Some Call the Best Coffee Maker

Aeropress coffee making kit
The simple fast Aeropress coffee maker that everyone loves. Aerobie

Everyone's talking about Aerobie's AeroPress®, a simply revolutionary portable coffee maker that brews a smooth, rich cup of coffee in one minute. Yes, that’s right, coffee in just sixty seconds. In fact, actual brewing time only takes a mere twenty seconds.

This patented coffee maker clever innovation comes from the Palo Alto product development company that's revolutionized spinning balls and disks for humans and dogs with technical product design improvements.

How the Aeropress Makes Such Good Coffee

Aeropress touts a “total immersion” of the grounds, extracting flavor from the entire bed of grounds, versus only the center of the typical drip-coffee maker.

The pumping action also applies the perfect amount of pressure to produce a rich flavor that has a low acidity and bitterness.

So no more painful time-wasting in those early, pre-caffeine minutes as you wait for your coffee maker to complete its cycle.

Perhaps the best $30 a coffee addict can spend.

So You Want To Learn To Make Coffee Like a Pro Barista

Learn the art of professional espresso making at Barista Camp
Learn to make latte art and espresso drinks like - and with - professional baristas. Susie Wyshak

Check that goal to make perfect espresso off your bucket list (or give it to Dad so he can love and serve you with glee) — Barista Camp to the rescue!

Taught by carefully vetted, highly experienced coffee industry leaders, Barista Camp is the coffee fan or aspiring barista dad’s dream

Hands-on training workshops and lecture topics will educate those new to coffee industry and further knowledge of coffee veterans. Attendees will be challenged at this fast paced and educational event that connects you with people you’d have a hard time meeting otherwise.

(Those who have mastered the art of home roasting and are ready to connect and learn from master coffee roasters can look to the Roasters Guild and Roasters Guild Retreat.)

Coffee Gifts for Coffee Lovers are a No Brainer

Sure some coffee drinkers are fixed in their methods and brands. But 2015 brings some serious coffee innovations that will lift any die-hard coffee geek's drinking (and perhaps roasting) routines to new levels.