Top Apps for Sales Professionals

I will readily admit that​ ​I have a serious smartphone addiction. In any given year, I purchase (new or used) 3 to 4 smartphones. I bounce from iPhones to Androids to Windows 8.1 and back to iPhones again. While my favorites phone will always be the tried and true Blackberry, I have settled on iPhone as my go-to smartphone of choice. The reason I settled on iPhones are the apps. Yes, I know that there are practically an equal number of Android apps out there and some will argue that there are more business related apps for the Android platform than there are for iPhone. Be that as it may, I like iPhones for many reasons beyond just the app availability.

Knowing that readers of my articles are probably equally split between Android and iPhone phones, this list includes apps that are available for both platforms. Except for the first app (which happens to be my favorite app of all).

Things for iPhone

When it comes to time and task management, few iPhone apps can compete with the simplicity and the power of Things. All in all, Things is an app that includes so many time and task management tools that it could very easily replace all other apps.

For the sales professional who needs to manage multiple projects (accounts), numerous calendar items and personal and business objectives, Things delivers with a clean and easy to use interface. More


Evernote has come a long way. What started as a robust, cloud-based note taking app has evolved into a powerful cloud-based collaboration app. Imagine working with your team and having a simple and reliable way to share account notes, allow other team members to read, edit and collaborate on notes and to do so for no cost.

Yes, Evernote does have a premium account that enables greater collaboration tools and other functionalities, but the free version has worked well for my team and me for a few years now.  More


If you need to share files with both customers and co-workers, DropBox is the app for you. The team at DropBox give new account holders with 2 gb of storage at no cost and then allow users to earn more free storage when users get others to sign up with a DropBox account.

 You'll want to check with your IT department (unless you work for yourself) to make sure that storing files on a cloud server won't violate company policies. But even if you learn that your company won't allow you to store company files on DropBox, you'll still find DropBox as a valuable tool for you to store files, pictures, etc that you'll be able to access from any Internet connected device. More

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint have, for better or worse, become the go-to standard for office workers around the world. With Microsoft getting on the "there's an app for that" bandwagon and having created a suite of apps for Apple and Android, sales professionals can now create, edit, view and share files from the convenience of their smartphones. More

Kindle Reading App

Whether you read for relaxation or to advance your understanding of your industry, Amazon's Kindle app can deliver. Many business and world leaders have touted the immense benefits of reading so having the Kindle app a touch away will serve as a constant reminder that you should read more! 

Reading books that are written to improve your sales, networking and negotiating skills are wonderful uses of the Kindle app. But that doesn't mean that you can read some great fiction books to help you decompress and wind down after a long, successful day at the office!