Top Android Budget Apps

HomeBudget for Android

Use HomeBudget to keep a personal budget on your Android.
HomeBudget Android App. Anishu, Inc.

The HomeBudget Android app packs a lot great features for budgeting. Create your own budget categories and subcategories, set up a budget and roll unspent funds over to the next month. For you especially visual folks, icons can be associated with categories. Reports include a six month trend chart for your budget, income and expenses.

One of my favorite features is that images of receipts taken with your Android device camera can be attached to transactions. Other goodies include the ability to classify expenses can be classified as fixed, variable or discretionary, quick expense entry widget on the home screen and password protection.

HomeBudget will automatically sync multiple Android, iPhone or iPad devices (iOS app required for the last two) so you have access to your budget or you can share financial management tasks with others in your household. There is a lite version of HomeBudget that's limited to 20 expenses and 10 income entries so you can take the app for a spin before buying.

My Budget Book

My Budget Book helps you stick to your budget on your Android device.
My Budget Book Android App Start screen and spending pie chart. OneTwoApps

My Budget Book for Android shows the current combined balance of all financial accounts when the app starts up and the current month's bills. You can add your own budget categories and subcategories, and set up "Favorites", which are categories you want to keep an especially close eye on. Budget balances carry over to the next month, and spending reports can be viewed as a table or graph.

Other features include search function for finding transactions, customizable templates so you can enter transactions in a way that makes sense to you, note pad, password protection, export data to HTML or CSV and data back up.

My Budget Book is available in 10 languages. Currently, language used depends on your Android phone or tablet's settings.

You Need A Budget (YNAB) App

The YNAB Android app lets you track spending while on the go and syncs with desktop.
You Need A Budget (YNAB) Android App. You Need A Budget

The You Need A Budget app for Android requires that you also use the desktop version of YNAB. I'm including it because the Windows/Mac software will really change your finances for the better and the Android app makes it easier to stay on top of your budget and be aware of how you are spending when you're away from your computer.

Use the YNAB Android app to check budget category balances before you buy something, enter transactions and see all historical transactions in your financial accounts. The app also syncs data using DropBox or wifi so that all information is updated across all devices, whether you use the desktop or iOS app.

Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA)

Use EEBA on your Android to track your budget.
Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA). Dayspring Technologies

I've always liked the concept of envelope budgeting because it's a very hands-on way of managing a budget. Easy Envelope Budgeting Aid uses these concepts on your Android device, and you can sync your budget to the EEBA web app ($3-$8/month subscription required for web, or free if you use 10 or fewer "envelopes") and two phone.

Use EEBA to check how much you've budgeted for the month compared to how much you've already spent in spending categories. You can also see the balance in your financial accounts, and the app supports split transactions, and will automatically complete the payee field with associated budget category to make data entry faster.

Reports are viewed on the EEBA mobile website and show details by month, spending vs. budgeted, payee or location.

All of those features are free, but if you subscribe, you'll be able to import bank statements, have a checkbook register feature and bill reminders, recurring transactions and scheduled transactions.