Android Apps for Splitting Bills and Tracking IOUs

 Splitting bills and following up with people who owe you money can be a hassle. And how easy is it to forget that you spotted a friend $20 last week? Here are five great Android apps that handle bill splits among a group, along with follow ups for those who still need to pay their share. The apps even send out IOU reminders, and some sync with online bill sharing sites.

Here are the best bill sharing apps (with one honorable mention) for Android:

  • Receipt Ninja
  • BillPin
  • Conmigo
  • Settle Up
  • Splitwise

Receipt Ninja

Receipt Ninja
Serene Wireless

Receipt Ninja splits bills and expenses, tracks who still owes and how much. It is flexible with sharing the splitting details with group members, including via SMS text, email, Google Drive or Dropbox. You can sync data with other members as payments and splits are made if they use the app, and you can snap photos of your receipts (unfortunately, you can't share those photos through the app, but you can share them via Dropbox or Google Drive). 

If you need to analyze data for a large group, Receipt Ninja exports data to CSV files for use with spreadsheets like Excel. Data can be backed up to an SD card, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Receipt categories are customizable, and it's easy to add group members with name, email and mobile number. There is support for multiple currencies as well. The reports are easy to read with monetary value and percentages.

There's a free version of Receipt Ninja, but you'll need to endure some ads in the app, and event syncing is limited. The paid version eliminates ads and offers unlimited syncing.

Cost: Free, or $2.99 for a full license.
Download from Google Play: Receipt Ninja Free Version or buy the $2.99 full version license (free version required to install license).


BillPin for Android

BillPin is a simple bill splitting app for Android that splits bills evenly or splits in varying proportions among group members. You can enter expenses you owe to others, too. Just like the iOS app and online app, BillPin is easiest to use if all members who are splitting expenses have Facebook accounts for easy login.

The app has a bright interface with good summary reporting that shows you what you owe to others and who owes you for which expenses. You can tell friends how they can pay you right from the app (for example, through PayPal), and attach snapshots of receipts and other items. BillPin will notify friends of new expenses via email.

Cost: Free
Download from Google Play: BillPin App


Conmigo Android App
Conmigo Team

Conmigo uses bright graphs and reports to manage shared group expenses. The app supports equal splits and splits where one or more group members owe differing amounts. Expense reports can be sent via email, and when group members download the app on their Android mobile device, transactions are synced for the expense sharing groups they are in.

The graphics in Conmigo are exceptional. It's so easy to see at a glance the total that people owe, how much each individual owes for a specific expense group and the total you owe to others. The only drawback comes up when you have a large group of people sharing expenses—Conmigo only supports up to seven people in a group.

Cost: Free
Download from Google Play: Conmigo App

Settle Up

Settle Up Android App
BIOPORT Software Labs, s.r.o.

Settle Up for Android will let you share expenses with roommates, colleagues and others. There is an iPhone app as well, which makes it easy for sharing expenses with non-Android users. There's also a very basic web app that requires a Google login.

Settle Up works well on Android tablets and phones and it will split bills evenly or in differing amount by person. Images can be attached to receipts. You can pay those you owe via PayPal, and data can be exported or imported to your SD card or email using the CSV format. This is useful if you have a lot of expenses in a group and you need to do an analysis or graph using a spreadsheet like Excel.

Settle Up supports multiple currencies and has been translated into 20 languages. You will have to see some ads unless you remove them with an in-app purchase. Other in-app purchases include adding the ability to filter payments and convert debts to a single currency.

Cost: Free
Download from Google Play: Settle Up


Splitwise Bill Splitting App for Android

Splitwise has released a major update to the Android app with a slick new look that brings it close to the same level as the iOS app (compared to the previous version). Once Splitwise 3.x was released in the Google Play store, its ratings shot up with positive reviews.

Splitwise tracks people you owe money to, who owes you and who has settled debts. Expenses split between groups show who owes or should receive what amounts and the app divides bills.

New features and improvements include:

  • PayPal payments so you can make payments directly from your Android phone.
  • Notifications for new expenses and edits.
  • The ability to edit expenses.
  • Simplified and streamlined “Add Bill” dialog.
  • See total balances for all groups and friends.
  • Sidebar menu to easily find balances with groups or people.
  • A new friend view that includes private IOUs and group balances.
  • The ability to add images using your phone's camera.
  • Improved invitations for groups and friends, even while creating expenses.

If you tried Splitwise for Android before but didn't like it, give the new version a try. There's an online version of Splitwise, too.

Cost: Free
Download from Google Play: Splitwise