The Top Industry Technology Publications

There are hundreds of magazines, trade journals, newsletters, and ezines covering the technology industry as a whole, and specific niches within the industry as well.

The right publications can help you stay current in your industry, as well as offer opportunities for networking with peers. Hiring announcements are sometimes included in the publications as well. Here are some of my favorites for different topics within the technology industry.

Following are some of the top picks for the technology industry, and a few of the better known niche-specific publications.


Young man reading Computerworld on his laptop

ComputerWorld is a must read for professionals in Information Technology. Whether you are interviewing for a new position or just want to stay current on the IT industry happenings, ComputerWorld is a well respected resource.

Some of the careers that would benefit from ComputerWorld are:


Extreme Technology

ExtremeTech is a must read for professionals interested in hardware and electrical engineering. It is a great resource for all things hardware related.

Some of the careers that would benefit from ExtremeTech are:

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Project Manager – especially in the hardware industry (or related industries).

Redmond Magazine

Redmond Magazine is the “independent voice of the Microsoft IT community." This used to be the dotnetmagazine website, but now has a slightly broader focus on Microsoft technologies. Great for learning about and staying current with Microsoft technology news. Includes technical q&a, links to forums, news from Microsoft about releases and information about Microsoft Certification updates as well. More

Network Computing

Network Computing is an informative read for anyone in the networking industry. The publication offers information on app infrastructure, messaging and collaboration, network and systems management, network infrastructure, security, storage and servers, wireless and enterprise apps. They also have a careers site to help you find related job openings. More

CIO Magazine

CIO is a publication aimed at senior level information technology professionals. The publication offers information on the intersection of business and technology. It also offers a great deal of advice appropriate for career development at the senior level. More

Linux Magazine

Linux Magazine is a publication that focuses on the Linux operating system. It is a great resource for anyone using or considering the Linux platform and would be of specific benefit to Linux developers and system administrators. More

Certification Magazine

Certification Magazine is a publication that focuses exclusively on technical certifications and training. It is a great resource for anyone considering training or looking for training resources. If you are interested in keeping your technical skills up to date, or in making a job change, this would be a great resource for you!. More