Top 10 Cover Letters

Cover letters are a great way to introduce yourself to a prospective employer and highlight what sets you apart from other candidates. It is also a chance to showcase your writing skills. Check out some of these sample cover letters for ideas on how to create your own.

Sample Cover Letter - New Grad Cover Letter

Basic cover letter for a technology new grad. Make sure you customize this to fit your specific experience. More

Cover Letter Template

Cover letter template that can be easily customized. Use this template for writing your next cover letter. More

Best Cover Letters for IT

Links to samples of cover letters to use for IT positions. Use these cover letter samples as a template for writing your cover letter. More

Best Cover Letters - Programmers

Sample cover letters for Programming positions. More

General Sample Cover Letters

There are lots of templates here to choose from, depending on the situation (responding to job ad, interested in a position not advertised, know someone that knows someone, etc). Look through for ideas and create your own, personal cover letter. More

6 Cover Letters

Cover letter samples for a variety of industries. There are some really good ones here! More

ResuMagic Sample Cover Letters

Sample cover letters for lots of professions, including several technical professions. Software Engineer, Technical Consultant, and Software Architect are amongst the many technical samples available. More

Cover Letter Do's and Dont's

From Frobes magazine, excellent advice on cover letters. Applicable to all professions. More

Cover Letter Template

Cover letter templates and more; applicable to all business and technical professions. More

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