Do You Have Too a Lot of Sales Paperwork?

It just keeps piling up...
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All generalities aside, sales professionals hate having to do paperwork. Doing paperwork or process related tasks take them out of the field, away from customers and prospects and don't help to advance any sales cycles. In short, having to do paperwork is a miserable task for sales reps.

Is it necessary?  Sure. Many sales companies (most) require that their sales force not only close business but get whatever required paperwork signed by their customers.

Meaning, in most cases, that the burden of handling and processing paperwork falls squarely on the shoulders of the sales professionals.

But that fact doesn't make doing paperwork any easier.

Set Aside Time

The biggest hassle about doing paperwork is the time it takes. While some companies have streamlined their paperwork and the processes that go along with that paperwork, many still have a process that takes way too much time, effort and creates entirely too many headaches.

But it still needs to be done.

If you have a good time management system in place, you probably have carved out time for all the more "sales related" tasks that you do. Prospecting, following up with customers, getting referrals, dealing with upset customers and improving your sales skills already have time allotted in your daily or weekly schedule. Why not build in an hour or two to work on paperwork and other sales process related tasks?

Doing so will take the urgency out of the tasks and help ensure that you have the time you need to get all your paperwork completed, turned in and processed.

Haste Makes Waste

Knowing that doing paperwork is a least favorite task of sales people, many either put it off until the last minute or rush through the process just to be done with it.

And what happens when things are rushed? Mistakes are made.

If you have decided that carving out an hour or more each week to deal with process stuff and find that you're still rushing through the paperwork to get it done, then either carve out more time or take an honest look at how you are spending your designated paperwork-process time.

Many who are honest with themselves will admit that, while they have allotted enough time to complete their paperwork, their reluctance to complete their work creates a huge drain on their effectiveness and their productivity.

This is all about attitude. If you can't get yourself to the point where you enjoy doing paperwork, strive to at least see the time spent doing it as useful, needed and important. After all, if you don't do your paperwork or do it poorly, you probably won't hit your quota, and your commission check will remind you of your miss.

The Fortunate Few

If you believe that sales professionals should never have to do their paperwork and should never be asked to handle process-related tasks, then you either are delusional or are working for the wrong company.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of sales reps who have quit their jobs solely because they were expected to deal with paperwork.

There are some sales companies out there that believe the same way as these sales reps: That sales people should not have their sales time consumed with process related work. These companies employ sales assistants or order processors whose sole job is to handle all or most paperwork and process issues.

If you believe firmly that you are in sales and that no sales professionals should ever have to worry about paperwork, you may want to find a sales company that doesn't demand any process work from their sales team.

If you find one in your industry and can secure a position, know that you are among the fortunate few as most sales companies are putting more responsibilities on their sales team instead of taking tasks away.

Paperwork may just be part of the job!