Tips for Staying Positive at Work

How to Keep the Workplace Positive During the Holidays

Copyright Sharon Dominick

One person behaving badly in the workplace can be toxic for all those who surround him or her, and especially during the holiday season, this can bring down the morale of the entire company, including those hard-working, honest employees who are trying to do their jobs in a difficult work environment.

What can management and fellow employees do to change the office dynamic? Here are tips from Peter Handal, CEO, Dale Carnegie Training, for keeping the workplace positive, especially during the holiday season.

Control the Situation. It's imperative that company management takes control of the situation by confronting the "Grinch" in the office in order to evaluate the situation and figure out why he/she isn't cheerful during this time of year because employees are often afraid to approach management to complain about a coworker.

Listen. There is often a larger issue at hand for why this employee is unhappy at work, which may or may not have to do with the company atmosphere. It is important that personal and professional lives remain separate; however, I also stress that a key quality in a good manager is to be a good listener and encourage others to talk about themselves. If the employee is dealing with personal issues, which often arise during the holiday season as opposed to other times of the year, he or she will appreciate having a manager who is understanding.

Protect Yourself From the Toxic Employee. Other employees in the office need to evaluate how they can best protect themselves from being affected by this toxic holiday spirit.

For example, if the employee is obsessed with company politics and is using the holiday season to suck up to the boss, it's best to note that promotions and salary raises should be given based on merit, and their hard-work will pay off.

Manage Your Online Reputation. I encourage our instructors to teach our customers how to manage their "online reputation." If you are an employer, make sure that your online tone of voice echoes the spirit of holiday cheer.

Thank your employees for all of their hard work this season via Twitter or Facebook, especially if you run a larger company, because it's a great tool to communicate your message to a wider audience in a way they are bound to notice. Another key principle I support is making others feel important. In general, the best way for companies to promote positivity during the holidays is to say thank you and give back in the spirit of the season. A couple of examples include: writing a thank you note to your boss, or for managers, pulling an employee aside to say what a good job they did on a project. As a result, employees will appreciate the gratitude and a few days off, and come back refreshed after the holiday season.